For a limited time only - Join the Coffee Talking Forum! Friendly conversation around the kitchen table (coffee optional!)

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE COFFEE TALKING FORUM - a free message board for friendly chatter around a cyber-space kitchen table. (Limited time only)

Please feel free to jump right in - we are all really friendly there. 

Some are daily posters, (many of us multiple times a day posters) other stop in a few times a week, still others join us when they can.  Life is busy!  We have men and women, Moms of little ones, moms and dads of big ones, some work outside the home, others are home full time.  EVERYONE is welcome. 

We don't have an agendas or topics - rambling over morning coffee is our thing.  Please feel free to start a new post to introduce yourself or just jump in to an active one. 

For privacy we let posts drop off the board automatically if they've gone without a response for more than 2 days.

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