Question: These are just cheap gift shop coasters from Cozumel... what are the figures and words? Is this a DENTIST?

I was gifted a few souvenirs picked up in touristy gift shops along a cruise itinerary.  One of them is some cool little coasters that the gift-giver picked up for me because the coasters reminded her of an Aztec calendar wall hanging that we have, that is similar (and also in this same blue color).  She hadn't really looked at the front of the coasters when she grabbed them as a little gift, she was focused on the coasters themselves.

But as I looked at them, I wondered;  what in the world were these two figures in the front?  It looked like one was doing dentistry on another but if so, then what is with the machete and goat head flying above them, along with a ceremonial headgear of some sort (maybe? I'm guessing....).

The words are hard to read as they are scratched into the clay before baking but it looked to me like it read;  Nanjano Dentista - which would in fact be a 'dentist' image then, right?

I love the little Aztec calendar coasters...

And here is a close up of the coaster itself; which is why the gift-giver bought them.  She loved the coasters... and didn't even notice the two figures on the front of the coaster holder that seem to depict a dentist.....

So... if the coasters are the calendar and the holder is the dentist.... basically this is just a reminder to schedule your dental appointment, right!?