Rambling over coffee: 5 things about me you don't need to know

There is one particular website that seems to be ran by no one over the age of 28 and all of the employees seem to be perpetually stuck at age 13 emotionally and well, education wise as well.  They like to repost news articles from other sources and call themselves journalists.  The thing is, they write the stupidest headlines.

The headlines seriously irk me.  And one that they over-use is also used by numerous other 'social media' accounts for various news sites and well, bloggers too.  It's the irritating "10 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT......"  or "WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ------"


I "NEED" to know those 5 things about Beyonce'? Or I NEED to know these 5 details about how to cut a watermelon?  The 10 things I NEED TO KNOW about the hottest dresses this summer?

OMG... no.  I do not NEED TO KNOW those things.
I may or may not WANT to know.  Or have a slight interest in knowing, or perhaps am bored so yeah, I'll read a few interesting tidbits.  But NEED TO KNOW?  No.

So this morning, as I'm procrastinating starting my day, and I've got 'nuthin' in particular to chat about over morning coffee, I decided to do the fall-back post everyone keeps in their back pockets;  some random things about me.

I'm just going to choose 5 because the typical 10 or 100 is just meh... not this morning.

And guess what?  These are 5 things you do NOT "NEED" to know!  Ha ha.  Although if I was a 23 year old wanna-be-journalist I'd be telling you --- 


But you don't.  Really.

1.  I love coffee... now.  But I hated coffee in all forms until I was about 28 years old.  Now?  I don't start my day without it and when I've ran out of coffee in the morning before work or while running errands, I've been known to stop into my local dentists office to say 'hey' and get a cup of coffee because they kept Keurig brewers there and offered fresh, hot, free coffee all day.  (The dentist was also my next-door neighbor so stopping by their office to say 'hey' to her and her husband, and her mother, who ran the front desk, wasn't as weird as it may sound.)

2.  I haven't watched television since September of... 1998 or 1999.  We have an 80" television in our family room but I only go into that room about once or twice a week; usually to vacuum.  And I don't really know how to run the remote(s) for all those do-dads like the DVD player, the video players, the sound board, and whatever else my husband has in there. I could not tell you anything about how to fast forward through commercials (which I've heard you can do?) or anything that has to do with all the options available to people watching tv today.  I got sick of what was being shown on TV (sex/language during 'prime time' - when young children and family time mean kids were subjected to things between 6:30-8:00 that were better left till after 9:pm) - I wrote an email to the network to tell them I was no longer watching... and then, I just stopped watching television all together.  I did discover The Big Bang Theory online in their 5th season and watched episodes online every few weeks when I remembered to.  But nope... haven't watched tv in 20 years.  And no, I don't miss it AT ALL.

3.  I've given away a perfect minivan for free.  Call me a bleeding heart conservative Republican if you will... but when I was ready to give up the "Mom" minivan and get a different vehicle, I didn't want to sell it.  Money doesn't mean a whole lot to me.  I want to have enough to pay bills and not be sick with anxiety that keeps me up at night, but making tons of money has never been an interest.  I want to work hard for what I have, earn what I own, and take responsibility for providing for my family.  That's enough for me.  So instead of getting a few thousand for my "Mom Van"  which was about 11 years old but still in perfect shape, looked great, ran perfect... I put the word out to some people I know who were active in the community and their church who would 'hear' if there were any families that needed a vehicle.  There was.  A single Mom going through a divorce who was due to have her vehicle repossessed literally at any minute, could use it.  So... I gave it away.

4.  I love vegetables and will choose vegetables over desserts anytime and every time. I especially love Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Spinach, Onions and Asparagus.

5.  I was on the Price Is Right.  I've spun The Big Wheel.  I went $.05 over so I didn't win.

.... it's just the coffee talking again.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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