Rambling over coffee: The fan on my computer, and kids say the darndest things

The fan on my laptop won't stop running.
I've turned it off, restarted it, and did a few other things but nope.  It's determined to run.  I realized this this morning when I woke up, walked out of the bedroom and heard something running...  only to realize it was my laptop.  My closed laptop.  Because when you close the lid it shuts it down to sleep mode.  Which I did last night when I went to sleep.  But apparently my laptop did not want to sleep.  So it's still partying hard... since last night around 9:pm apparently.

And I am one of those people in which background noise like this drives me crazy. 


Although my kids are all too old now for the funny stories this blog used to have...
Some of my kids are now old enough to have kids. 

Me:  I am pretty sure that basket is supposed to have blocks in it and not be on somebody's head.
He:  Too late.  Already happened.


From my daughter:

I asked the boys to pick up before dinner.
4 year old said, "Ugh.  I am picking up!"
I said, "You aren't going very fast."
He said, "Well... I'm not very hungry so...."


My son-in-law goes to his 4 year olds room to find him playing instead of picking up his toys...

He:  "You're supposed to be picking up your blocks."
4 year old:  "Well... I don't even know you so... umm, no."


4 year old explaining his picture to me....

This is a bunny rabbit.  
It doesn't have eyes yet because it's a baby.
That's how that works.

(It's a newborn bunny whose eyes aren't opened yet...)

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