Sweet Child Of Mine.....

Today was my daughter's day off of work this week.  She texted me to say "Hey, we're still going today but I'm running late...."

She must have forgotten that she never told me we were going anywhere together today in the first place!  But I knew exactly where she meant for us to go.

So with that heads up text I went in the bedroom to change clothes - again - as I had dressed for the day already.  I was wearing clothes to paint the family room in... not to run errands to the social security administration building and the DMV. 

I love running errands with this child as she is so much like me.  We have fun.  We talk non-stop but even when we talk, we usually don't have to talk.  We say the same things, we think the same things.  We can talk without saying a word sometimes.  She gets me.  She knows me better than my husband does, and he and I have been together forever!

Today I picked up a USB drive from the little cup next to the driver's seat.  I put it in and waited for the music to begin.
"You'll like this song." I said.

As the music started to play, she grinned.  It was the song she walked down the aisle to at her wedding just a month ago.

"This is the backup copy I made."
She looked at me and smiled as I continued.

"Yeah, this is the USB drive I made a copy of your processional and another song on as a back up, and taped to the back of the folder I had with me of all the wedding stuff that day.  Just in case.  You know, just in case the DJ didn't have it or have the right version."

She grinned.  "Of course you did."

Yes. Of course I did.


About a mile later I heard her take a small intake of breath as if she was going to say something but then she didn't.  We continued driving another mile and stopped at the courthouse where our next errand was.  When we finished we were returning back the way we had came.

When we got to the spot where I heard her take the breath earlier I said, "On our way here I heard you take a breath as if you were going to say something, and then you didn't.  You were going to suggest stopping at that little thrift store weren't you?  But then decided not to."

She grinned.  "Yep.  I started to suggest stopping but then I realized payday isn't until tomorrow and I don't really have any money to spend today... and I never really find anything at that one anyway."

But we both smiled.  Because she didn't have to say it.  I knew what she was thinking when we passed by.


She knows which parking spot I'm going to choose in the lot because it 'feels' right.
It's the same one she would choose.
We say the same sentence at the same time... completely random.  "Look at that truck!"  "Ohhh what a cute shirt!"  "We should get coffee."  "What an idiot!"
We have shopped separately in the same store and met up 20 minutes later at the check out only to find we've chosen the exact same items... a coffee cup, a shirt, shoes, a kitchen item.
She shows up at my house to run and errand together or we agree to meet somewhere in the city only to find we've dressed alike.  Whether it's a random black leggings with a pink shirt (NEITHER of us EVER wear pink normally!), or plaid shirts and skinny jeans, green t-shirts and leggings....  we just laugh.  We know it's going to happen more often than not.

Oh this child.
She is my heart.

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