When life starts to resemble the movie series "Final Destination"

This morning is quiet, and I have my 3rd (or is it my 4th?) coffee in hand.  I am entertaining myself on the internet by clicking on random old blogs; linking from to the next from links on their pages so it's fairly random.  And by old... I mean most all of them haven't been updated since 2008 or so.  So, not ancient... but old enough they've long been abandoned and I often wonder whatever happened to the individual or family.  Especially when the blog focused on a medical issue, an upcoming adoption, or some other life event.

But what is spurring this mornings post and ramble over coffee is the mention of a brain tumor on one of the aforementioned blogs.  Actually... two of them.  One, a brain tumor took the life of a 32 year old young woman and another, the life of a healthy 45 year old man.

And because of those mentions, I thought of my husbands high school classmate who passed away from a brain aneurysm... she was 28.  She was incredibly smart - worked on the computer systems for the US military.  Was a wife and a mother.  And just like that, without warning, she was gone.

But that brought up my next thought; how many people from my husbands class have passed away at an early age. 

He and I were talking about this last year after yet another of his old classmates passed.  We are not all that old, and yet so many of his friends have already died... and in so many odd ways.  But probably more important to the fact that many of his classmates are already gone, is that he came from a very, very small school.

He had 50 kids in his graduating class.  About ten of them have already passed away and I'm not sure any of them died from the same thing.  Some, the strangest situations led to their passing. 

When we were talking about it last year (after finding out another friend had lost his life) we mentioned it was almost like the movie series "Final Destination".  One by the high school friends die in strange but different ways.

No, we don't seriously think it's like Final Destination... and no, there is nothing supernatural about the deaths.  The comparison was simply a generalized mention since so many kids of one small high school class are passing away at a young age, in so many different and often, unlikely ways.

As I sipped my coffee I started to think about, and remember fondly, some of my husbands (and sometimes my) friends that had passed from his original class.

One of the first to pass away suddenly was when they were in 3rd grade.  It was a little boy, a good friend of my husbands and his little band of boys.  His friend started to get bad headaches.  He ended up passing away from a brain tumor no one even suspected.  By high school they had lost one more, although my memory doesn't recall what she passed from.  Soon one died from a brain aneurysm.  Another got sick from e.Coli and passed away.  Still another by a car accident. Another was working on a raised platform and a piece of machinery came loose, he fell to the concrete below and was killed when it fell on top of him from ten feet above.  Another friend of my husbands, and I believe this is the most recent, passed last year from cancer.  He left behind 3 small children and a devoted wife....  just so many, and in so many different ways. 

And from such a small class size to start with.

By comparison, my graduating class was triple the size of his and I think we've lost one person from our class and we've been out of school for 30 years.

I'm not really 'going anywhere' with this rambling post... it's just me thinking out loud after reading about someone young who passed from a brain tumor. 

.... it's just the coffee talking again.


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