Yahoo can't seem to hire anyone with two brain cells to rub together.... I don't think the word "LITERAL" means what you think it does


I can just hear the idiot Yahoo journalist doing that irritating 20-something screech "OH MY GOD!!! AHHHH!"  giggle giggle.  You know the one.  The one that tells you they may be 25 in years but perpetually stuck somewhere around age 13.

And Yahoo hires them.

I have an old yahoo email that my 91 year old father-in-law and my own parents use to contact me and as much as I hate to even click on Yahoo anymore (liberal twits with zero brain cells all together - the lot of them), I've had the email for so many years that it's easier to keep using it to correspond with my elderly relatives than it would be to convince them to use a different one.  So I happen to see the Yahoo 'news' (cough cough... soooo not legit news) once in a while.  And when I do, I repeatedly just shake my head at the stupidity that bleeds through their headlines and 'news' articles.

And just to point out not only did this Yahoo writer not understand the word "LITERAL" but it ends up that Courteney Cox's daughter does NOT resemble her as much as she does her Daddy.  Coco and David resemble each other so much there is no denying the genes there... so what is this journalist smoking?

No my dear Yahoo writer... her daughter is not her "literal twin".   Not even figuratively speaking... as you can see from the comments on twitter, yahoo, instagram... all proclaiming how Coco looks just like her Dad.  Doesn't really even resemble her Mom much.  The public seems to disagree with you.