Apparently these days, speaking English and calling a consumer back is enough to get you 5 out of 5 stars... even if you can't or won't do a thing to actually help them.

It's 3:50 pm but I have fresh coffee in hand and was just changing clothes (yeah, weird time to be changing, I know.  I was changing out of a swimsuit and into... well, clothes) and started to think about how low we've set the customer service bar.

What I mean is how just a few years ago, if a company did a crap job, they got an honest review.  1 star out of 5 when they had a new-to-you product that was defective and they made you jump through hoops to try to get it repairs, or return it.  0 out of 5 when you were forced to call into their 'customer service' only to be stuck with some dude from India with a piss-poor attitude, not able to speak English at all but tells you his name is "Dustin"... you end up in tears of frustration after 45 minutes of TRYING to COMMUNICATE with them.  You achieve nothing so in desperation you call back hoping to get someone who speaks English and you get... "Jennifer" who also can only repeat "Yes. Yes I am sorry to hear that. Let me help you. Yes, I can help you."  to EVERYTHING YOU SAY EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT AN APPROPRIATE ANSWER to your questions or issues... because it's literally the only thing she can say in English.

Uh, where was I?

Oh.  Yes.

So today while getting dressed I realized that today we give a company 5 out of 5 stars for LOUSY service... because we have been treated like crap by companies for SO long that now, if the customer service person simply speaks English and is in, say, Wichita, Kansas we're all, "YEAH!  GIVE THIS COMPANY 5 STARS!  THEY SPOKE ENGLISH!"  "5 out of 5 stars!  They are based in the USA!!!" 

Never mind they couldn't do crap to help you.
Refused to take the product back, couldn't give you the name of a service provider, wouldn't pay for a new part to be shipped out... all legit reasons to give them a 1 or 2 stars... but NO.  The fact that we are so dang excited to get a customer service representative that is US based and can speak English almost brings us to tears of happiness so we give them a good review simply because we can have a CONVERSATION WITH THEM about the issue.

And sadly....  the fact that the thought that brought this Coffee Talking post on is simply thinking about how I was reading reviews for a company and they were given a 5 out of 5 stars simply because the consumer was SHOCKED that someone ".... said they would call me back.... and they DID!"

Apparently these days, speaking English and calling a consumer back is enough to get you 5 out of 5 stars... even if you can't or won't do a thing to actually help them.

Meh. It's just the coffee talking again......


Legal verses Illegal: "If you want to seek asylum you go through the port of entry. You do it the legal way."

"If you want to seek asylum you go through the port of entry. You do it the legal way."

- Thomas Homan

"So, you are the author of the family separation policy?" Ocasio-Cortez asked.

"I'm not the author of this memo," Homan replied.

"You're not the author, but you signed the memo?" Ocasio-Cortez pressed.

"Yes, a zero tolerance memo," Homan responded.

"So, you provided the official recommendation to Secretary Neilson on families for the United States to pursue family separation?" Ocasio-Cortez asked.

"I gave Secretary Nielson numerous recommendations on how to secure the border and save lives," Homan responded.

"But it says here that you, you gave her numerous options but the recommendation was option three, family separation," Ocasio-Cortez said.

"What I'm saying this is not the only paper where we had given the secretary numerous options to secure the border and save lives," Homan responded.

"And so the recommendation of the many that you recommended, you recommended family separations?" Ocasio-Cortez continued to press as she seemed unable to understand Homan's previous responses.

"I recommended zero tolerance," Homan responded.

"Which includes family separation," Ocasio-Cortez pressed.

"The same as is whatever U.S. citizen parent gets arrested when they're with a child," Homan said.

"Zero tolerance was interpreted as the policy that separated children from their parents," Ocasio-Cortez continued, again not seeming to understand Homan.

"If I get arrested for DUI and I have a young child in the car, I'm gonna be separated," Homan responded. "When I was a police officer in New York and I arrested a father for domestic violence, I separated that father from their family."

"Mr. Homan, with all due respect, legal asylees are not charged with any crime," Ocasio-Cortez said, refusing to acknowledge the majority of people entering the U.S. at the southern border are not legitimate asylum seekers.

"When you're in the country illegally, it's a violation 8 United States Code 13:25," Homan responded.

"Seeking asylum is legal," Ocasio-Cortez responded.

"If you want to seek asylum you go through the port of entry, you do it the legal way," Homan fired back. "The Attorney General of the United States has made that clear."



The Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker - Awesome Blue Color or Traditional Black


Back to Coffee Talk!

It's been a while since I've posted about any new coffee brewers.  I am waiting on a delivery of a new item this week that I'll be reviewing and posting about soon (hint: self heating coffee mugs) but other than that, I just haven't bought anything new lately.

This morning I was having my morning coffee and grabbed a flyer that came in the mail earlier this week.  On the back cover I saw the Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker featured. Hmmm.  Honestly, I had NO IDEA they came out with this.  I hadn't been in the 'buy a tiny single cup coffee maker' lately so it flew under my radar.

I suspect it's being pushed right now for the kids going off to college, because this is tiny and perfect for that.

It's only 12 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide!

It also comes in a very cool oasis blue color as well as the regular and basic black.  The cost is about average right now ($69 ish as of this posting) but may change at any time of course.

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, Oasis

  • FITS ANYWHERE: Less than 5 inches wide, Perfect for small spaces.
  • ONE CUP RESERVOIR: Just add fresh water for each brew.
  • FAST, FRESH BREWED: Coffee made in minutes.
  • CORD STORAGE: For easy transport and tidy countertops. The cord is 26" long and is tucked into the back of the brewer. It may have to be pulled out to extend to its full length.
  • TRAVEL MUG FRIENDLY: Removable drip tray accommodates Travel mugs up to 7. 0” tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Auto off feature turns off your Coffee maker 90 seconds after your last brew, helping to save Energy.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH THE MY K-CUP UNIVERSAL REUSABLE COFFEE FILTER: Brew your own ground coffee (sold separately).
  • YOUR PERFECT AMOUNT: Brew any cup size between 6-12oz with Keurig K-Cup pods.

I haven't bought this one and I don't currently have any kids in college so I have no personal views on this one, but you can find reviews and photos on Amazon through the links. 

   Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black


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Rambling Over Coffee: Prayer for a Very New Angel by Abby Violet Alleyn Storey

Back in the 90's I had a computer but back then they did little more than word processing and even that was iffy!  You had to download a word processing program as they didn't come with one and often were fraught with symbols and spaces where you didn't want them.  Anything you wanted to do on the early computers were kept on big floppy disks and soon those were obsolete.

When I saw them going obsolete I typed out some of the poems I had found in library books or magazines or wherever and printed them off on scratch paper to keep.  Through the years they were in a box of random "computer stuff" that was never opened or looked at really, but never-the-less moved with us across the country and back again numerous times.

This morning I was getting some old family genealogy information out when I saw a small pile of some of those poems I had typed out and printed at the time.  

This is one of them.

I remember the first time I read this.  I had a very new, tiny little baby girl.  I recall not knowing what the poem was about when I started, and I gasped at the end when I realized it was a prayer from a mother after her baby girl had passed away.  As a new Mom, holding her tiny baby girl... I remember I cried.

Prayer For a Very New Angel

God, God, be lenient her first night there.
The crib she slept in was so near my bed;
Her blue and white wool blanket was so soft,
Her pillow hollowed so to fit her head.

Teach me that she'll not want small rooms or me
When she has You and Heaven's immensity!

I always left a light out in the hall.
I hoped to make her fearless in the dark;
And yet, she was so small, one little light,
Not in the room, it scarcely mattered.  Hark!

And in the morning, when she first woke up,
I always kissed her on her left cheek where
The dimple was.  And oh, I wet the brush.
It makes it easier to curl her hair.

Just, just tomorrow, God, I pray,
When she wakes up, do things for her my way!

- Abby Violet Alleyn Storey

You might also be interested in poetry on grief and grieving, available through Amazon;

Poems of Mourning (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets Series)
The Art of Losing: Poems of Grief and Healing



Pondering over coffee: We now pay the same health insurance premium with one child as someone with 17. Or 42,

I'm kind of 'stuck' at home today - waiting on two deliveries so I've used my morning to scrub floors and then apply polish to the wood floors, steam clean the kitchen floors...  and rewarded myself with time to just sit here and sip a beverage and wait for the first delivery, which should be here any time.

I was reading online about those working in the foreign service sector and how they are given a moving allowance weight limit equally across the board, no matter if you are a single person with no dependents or happen to be married with 10 children.  Apparently you are allowed 7200 pounds no matter your marital status, housing size, family size, etc.

I found this interesting and wondered (briefly) what their reasoning was behind that.  I suppose it's to make it easier across the board to say "let's just make one weight and keep it equal for everyone" but that's not really equal at all.  Have you ever tried to pack and move with a family of say, 7 people verses what you owned when you were fresh out of grad school and single?  Or even married and one baby.  Nothing at all like what you may own and use when you are a family with 3 children.  Or you love and own books... or homeschool your children.  Because books.  There's your weight right there.

But what I thought of when I was reading the weight limit being equal no matter if you are 26 and single or 45 and married with 11 children was that our health insurance is equally weird.

We have health insurance through my husbands employer and after Obama messed around with the entire healthcare industry, not only did our office visit co-pay double (triple for specialists), and our deductible went up thousands and thousands of dollars, our coverage went down from 20% to 40% our responsibility and our premiums went SKY HIGH per month (when we don't even USE health care coverage at all...  I've had to go to the doctor's twice in 8 years).  BUT THE DEPENDENT COVERAGE CHANGED too and it makes little sense.

My husbands options through a very, very, very large and well known carrier are;

  • Single employee
  • Employee and 1 spouse/partner
  • Employee and children
It used to be options for 1 child, 2 children or 'greater than 2' whole family coverage.  And the prices reflected such.

Now we have single, spouse and 'whole family' levels which means we, currently down to just ONE child pay the SAME HEALTH INSURANCE RATE AS SOMEONE WITH 17 CHILDREN.

Let that sink in.

They figure costs based on an 'average' and let's just say that average is...  three.

An average family of an employee, spouse and three kids... and a lot of people run to the doctor for really stupid and unneeded reasons.  Cough cough.  Run to the doctor.  My neck is a little stiff today.  Run to the doctor.  I threw up yesterday.  Run to the doctor.

Our family is very healthy due in part to gene's but also because of our lifestyle choices as well as a healthy dose of common sense.  We do NOT go to the doctor all the time... as a matter of fact I've needed to go to the doctor just twice in the past 8 years.  Stitches once and a kidney infection the second.

But we are paying the SAME MONTHLY PREMIUMS as someone who is at their doctor's office 3 times a month times 5 people in their family.   The same premium as someone with a newborn visiting the doctor's every 2 months for the first 18 months of their lives.  The same premium as the hypochondriac that lives down the street.

Our only silver lining is that once this child is off our coverage (soon!) we will go down to the 'employee plus partner' premium cost.  It's just silly really that we pay the same for one young adult child as another family with 15 children pay.

Makes no sense at all... but these days... so little does.

It's just the coffee talking again...........

You might be interested in these random 'healthcare' related books available through Amazon;

An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back
The Health Care Handbook: A Clear & Concise Guide to the United States Health Care System
The American Health Care Paradox: Why Spending More is Getting Us Less
America's Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System




Rambling over Coffee: The top 3 killer 'animals' in the world... probably not what you think

The round-a-bout way my posts come to mind is pretty funny but I'll spare you (this time) how this one came to be.  Suffice to say that yesterday morning I ended up with a click on a click on a click and looking up what animals kill the most humans each year.

I have a (really ridiculous) fear of elephants and they do make the list, but aren't in the top three.  Because they only kill like, 100 people a year. 

No, the top killers are actually the little critters that were eating me alive yesterday as I was attempting to do some work in the back yard.  Mosquitoes.

  1. Mosquitoes are responsible for around 725,000 deaths per year.
  2. Snakes kill at least 50,000 people annually.
  3. Dogs kill 25,000 people yearly.
I know, I wasn't thinking 'insects' when I looked up the top killers either.  But it makes sense and there was an 'Oh... yeah' moment when I read that.  And then I saw snakes were number 2 with killing over 50K people a year.  That was a moment of  'Oh... wow'.  

Lastly was dogs in third place and again, I was like, 'Oh, I didn't think about dogs being 'animals' really when I took the 1.7 seconds to wonder what the top animal killers were....  because again, I was thinking hippopotamuses and sharks and tigers and animals like that.

But wait, it gets better!  Because according to the World Atlas, slots number 4,5 and 6 belong to....

Tsese Flies, Assassin Bugs, Freshwater Snails

"After dogs, the next three animals are small and relatively unassuming perhaps making them more dangerous. Tsetse flies throughout Africa are carriers of the parasite that causes the sleeping sickness disease and responsible for 10,000 reported deaths each year. This disease affects sub-Saharan Africa particularly in very rural and undeveloped areas where people rely on livestock which can also become infected. The danger of this disease is that it can often go undetected until it is too late. Assassin bugs, also known as Kissing bugs, are attracted to lights in homes where they find their prey, humans. These bugs bite people spreading the parasite that causes Chagas disease. Chagas disease leads to major organ failure and kills 10,000 people every year. Another 10,000 lives are lost to freshwater snails which carry another type of parasite. Infected snails can pass along schistosomiasis to humans which cause flu-like symptoms, blood-vomits, and leg paralysis." 

Note:  The crocodile is responsible for 1,000 deaths, hippopotamus for 500 deaths, the elephant and the lion 100 each. Wolves and sharks, only cause ten deaths each every year.

Source:  https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-animals-that-kill-most-humans.html

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