In the News: Disney workers stealing guests guns?, Joe Biden makes a LOT of money for almost nothing, disgusting man insisting females shave his balls; and NO Trump is not ending food stamps for 3 million people

Afternoon coffee break and the news..........

Disney World tourists report missing guns; one was replaced with stapler

".... he valet parked at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort in mid-June. In the other reported case, the last time a 35-year-old Missouri man remembered seeing his gun was in the parking lot at the Magic Kingdom."

Trump Administration Moves to End Food Stamps for 3 Million People

"First off they are not just ending food stamps for 3 million people they are looking into ending the rules that will eliminate automatic enrollment in food stamps just because your receiving some other government benefit. This will in turn just cause a financial review to see if that person qualifies for food stamps. They are not changing the rules regarding who is eligible to received them just wants a quick financial review. There are many people who are not eligible for food stamps that get them. So if you are low income and meet the requirements of food stamps you will still get them."

Canada’s Ball-Waxing Horror Show Is Peak Transgender Activism

A Canadian man is attempting to legally coerce women to wax his scrotum. 

"...........But who said this was about waxing? This about sex, surely. Yaniv is male — a male who has not made the surgical commitment necessary to pass as a female. On top of that, in the past year, Yaniv has presented unambiguously as a male on a number of sites including Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. And on top of that, Yaniv is a male who is sexually attracted to females.

For the women who declined to wax Yaniv’s private parts, however, the matter was simpler still. Yaniv has male genitalia. Some preferred not to touch these for religious reasons. Others, such as business owner Marcia Da Silva, didn’t feel comfortable or qualified. In the hearing, Da Silva’s lawyer, Jay Cameron, further explained that forcing his client to touch Yaniv’s scrotum would effectively be coercing “intimate services.”

It gets worse. The Canadian journalist Meghan Murphy, who was banned from Twitter for identifying Yaniv as a man, writes at Spectator USA:
In some cases, Yaniv, who is male and maintains male genitalia, used fake Facebook profiles, displaying photos of women (in at least one case, he used the profile of a pregnant woman) to request the service via Facebook Marketplace. When the aestheticians realized he was male, they told him they only performed the service for women (indeed, waxing male genitals is an entirely different procedure, which requires particular training and wax). Yaniv went so far as to tell Sandeep Banipal, proprietor of Blue Heaven Beauty Lounge, that he was on his period, and asked if she could work around the string.
The damages to these women have been considerable, including stress and depression; at least one woman was forced to close her business. Another, a single mother who worked out of her home, paid Yaniv $2,500 to withdraw the complaint so that she could escape the expense of further litigation. Some of the women Yaniv targeted were immigrants. And as if there weren’t enough reasons to be suspicious of Yaniv, some of his comments on social media have seemed strikingly xenophobic"



Joe Biden Gets Paid — a Lot

"....When you’re a famous former government official, lucrative opportunities abound. In addition to the speeches, the University of Pennsylvania paid Biden $371,159 in 2017 plus $540,484 in 2018 and early 2019, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “for a vaguely defined role that involved no regular classes and around a dozen public appearances on campus, mostly in big, ticketed events.” Biden is being paid two to two-and-a-half times the average salary of a Penn professor, and he’s not teaching any classes."

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