You are from India and you can't even SPEAK English enough to help me... your name is NOT JENNIFER!!!!!!

Just a rant as I'm up to my eyeballs in cell phone stuff again this morning.

Can I just say that for the past 15 years I've had it up to HERE with overseas call centers...  HATE THEM!  If ANY CEO actually had to USE THEIR OWN COMPANY CALL CENTER like a normal client or customer has to, they would IMMEDIATELY shut down and pull out of that overseas call center and move it to the US.  But because the big-wigs don't actually have to use their own customer service... they keep forcing customers to get shit-service from people who cannot speak English, don't understand anything you say that isn't in the script they have in front of them, cannot deviate from that script, will LIE TO YOU and don't care, because WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?  They can say whatever they want, do what they want because it's not like you can complain.

When you wait on hold 90 minutes to speak to someone.
Get people that can't speak English and can't answer a question in English.
Keep repeating "Yes, I'm very sorry. I can help you with that."  17 times in 4 minutes but CAN'T actually help you and don't understand anything YOU say because you aren't going by their script..

It's not like you can call back if they hang up... because guess what?  You have to wait on hold another 90 minutes to get through to someone.
And you won't get the same person so you have to start from scratch.
And that person doesn't speak English either.

And you know what?

Since when is every single person born and raised in INDIA OR PAKISTAN named "Dustin" "Brian" and "Jennifer"  !??  SINCE NEVER, THAT'S WHEN!!!!!!!!!!

Meh, just ignore me.  It's just the coffee talking again........