Rambling Over Coffee: When everyone knows a bill is wrong but no one will argue with a computer

Just rambling over coffee:

This morning I had my very first 'adult' eye doctor appointment/checkup.  Went great, loved the doctor, I drove home (about 15 miles).

I went to check mail.  Got a bill from... the eye doctor's! 

But it was from my husband's appointment a YEAR ago.  Saying we owe $70.  Hmmm.  No we don't. 

So I look at it and it says we only paid $70.30 that day (Sept of 2018) when we really paid $170.30 that day.

Someone in billing - in the Dallas TX office - forgot the "1" when inputting numbers.  So poof!  Our $170.30 payment is now $70.30.   Seems SIMPLE ENOUGH, RIGHT?


And there is no 800 number or phone number to discuss the bill with anyone.  So I dug through my box of 2018 files and found the receipt from that day (yes, years of being an administrative assistant and office manager means I have our paperwork in labeled files, and boxed up and stored by year for 8 years before I shred them) and had to drive all the way back into town... explain the receptionist.  Wait for a finance office person.  Explain to the finance person.  She couldn't figure out why my bill had weird amounts either - not matching their itemized bill/payments on their computer.

So she calls the corporate billing dept. and we wait and wait and wait on hold.  Then she explains it to them.  And the woman on that end can't see where the $70 came from AND doesn't know why it says we only paid $70.30 when we paid $170.30.  (DUH SOMEONE DIDNT HIT THE "1" KEY!)  and more importantly - NO ONE can see what my bill looks like.  They aren't allowed to see the invoice/bills like the customer does.

So we made a copy to send to Dallas so THEY can see whomever typed in the bill forgot to make it a hundred and seventy instead of seventy.

So while they are working on it, they realize none of the amounts are adding up... our 'balance' of $70 on the bill?  NO ONE can figure out where that number is coming from either.  If they dig and try really hard they can come up with $56.12 that we might owe but no one knows where the $70 is coming from.

I don't even care about THAT because once they fix the $170.30 instead of $70.30... they'll owe US anyway.

So basically...  They owe US $30-42.

But no one wants to argue with a computer.....

Which means everyone just wants to run around waving their hands in the air and scratching their heads.

So they will call me back.

... it's just the coffee talking again....

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