Welp, that blog post turned out to be nothing like what I composed in my head while I was doing dishes!

Rambling over morning coffee.....

When you are in the middle of doing a task like washing dishes, driving, taking a shower or even laying in bed in the middle of the night, awake and just thinking, your brain can compose some really awesome blog posts!  But when you get a chance to actually sit down to write them, it's amazing how little time you have, or you've lost that heated spark that you had when you originally thought of the topic or you just simply have 4 minutes to blog about something you wanted an hour to cover.

I've even uploaded photos hoping that it would save time and spur me to write the post 'later' but alas, those poor draft posts sit unloved and frankly... forgotten.  Sometimes I go back to see a photo of something in my files and wonder why I took it!  Ha.

I have nothing pressing this morning to discuss...  but I'm smiling at all the draft files and photos I have in my 'coffee' file folder.  Things I was pretty excited about reviewing or posting when I took them but now, it just seems like too much work to try to generate excitement in my brain for whatever it was at the time.


You know how it goes.