Rambling Over Coffee: Waiting on Deliveries and Man, Their Customer Service Sucks

I am somewhat of an uninspired grump today.

Couple that with waiting for a delivery so although I can't help myself, I keep glancing out the window at the driveway watching for him.  (Our UPS person is a guy... I wasn't being sexist.  If it was a FedEx delivery I would have used the pronoun 'her'. Because our FedEx delivery person is a woman.)

So while I'm procrastinating pretty much everything else on my 'task' list today, sipping peppermint coffee and sitting in the office watching out the window for a delivery is a good time to come to Coffee Talking and just....  talk.


Since I mentioned the delivery I'll just chat about that a second because... everyone... this was something I ordered a MONTH AGO.  And it was a simple, easy, small order. From a large company. That has ZERO excuses to drag their feet for no good reason whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, it's a company that sells under 4+ different company names (I believe up to nine, maybe?) and out of one warehouse so they have tons of items and they are still selling this item online and taking orders.  They carry it ALL the time.  NO EXCUSE.  Except...  I've ordered from them for about 7 years now and they have gotten progressively worse with delivery and customer service and a lot of el-cheapo cost-cutting measures to save a penny, in the last oh, two years or so.

They actually are the same company I told you all about in a post a couple weeks ago when they sent me a dead Goal Zero Yeti 150 and then completely and utterly IGNORED ME when I emailed to let them know it was delivered dead straight out of the box (which they and I both knew it MIGHT and "Andrew" in customer service told me if it was dead when I received it, that they would refund my money).  But once I let them know this one (it was my 2nd order of the item) was dead as well, he completely and utterly ignored my emails.  Four of them. Yeah, kind of a dick move.  But the males in that particular company are like that.  They get the 'power' at age 12 and think they are better than females so.... yeah.


So my last two orders from them were pretty crappy.  And their sister company that I ordered something else from, I got a partial order.  I paid for it in full a month ago and they shipped part of it last week (3 weeks after the fact and only after an email asking where it was) but I'm still short two items and yes, that means I already paid for the items that they haven't shipped yet.  And... it's been a month.

So today I should get the other order. But the 2 missing items from the case I ordered last month?  We'll see.  Maybe just like their Goal Zero sales.  They ignore you and hope you go away?  (Check out that post to see that I managed to take it apart, and replace the battery and repair the Goal Zero Yeti 150 myself...  just because I wanted to see if I could.)

And she did.

That company must be bothering me more than I thought, because I really did not intend on chatting that much about it! 

Another delivery topic?
This weekend was my sons birthday.  He's a young, single guy now and lives in an apartment in another state.  I found 3 items for him on Amazon and had them shipped.  They divided it into 2 shipments and said they were being delivered today.  Monday.  Cool.  (His gift is one of these... t-shirt) as well as a couple items items he'll love for camping - including a solar power bank for his cellphone. 

(There was a longer post here but the items have been delivered AND this post got WAY longer than I was planning. So... shortened it to the quick version.)