Rambling Over Coffee: Well, that's just irritating....

It's coffee break time right now... for about 20 minutes.  Here I am.

And I'm finding a few little things quite irritating right now.

Example:  My mailbox (the real one... not my email box) has been starting to fill up with catalogs.  It's all fine and dandy but the irritating ones right now are the Sam's Club and Costco versions. Why? Because they WON'T LIST THE PRICES.

Seriously.  They've done this for a couple years (?) now but it irritates me all over again every darn time.  I actually just roll my eyes at this point and rip up their stupid mailings and put them through the shredded while thinking; "You are wasting so much money mailing these out!  No one can tell what your prices are so why are you bothering?"

Their ads feature photos... and $4 off!  $2 off!  $8 off when you buy 2! $300 off a set!"

OK.  But...  if I don't know how much the item is to begin with, how do I know if it's a good deal?  How do I know if it's even worth my time?

I don't care that something is $1.50 off.
I want to know how much it is.


Down a Road Trip Memory Lane - thanks to a 3 year old wanting to know what a buffalo was! (Buffalo at Custer State Park - South Dakota)

We have house guests this month and today while hanging out with the 3 year old, he noticed something on the t-shirt I was wearing and asked me, "What's that?" 

It was the outline of a buffalo.

One of my all time favorite t-shirts is one I picked up in the Badlands in South Dakota when one of my daughter's and I embarked on a border to border camping and hiking trip across the state in May of 2017.  At the time, I debated long and hard about buying the shirt, even though it was on clearance, it was still about $17 or $19 or something like that.  However, I hadn't bought myself any t-shirts or souvenirs so I finally caved, and cheap frugal me parted with the funds to buy it.

BEST decision ever.  I swear I've worn this long sleeve t-shirt once a week, every week for the past 2 years.  ANYWAY!  Today the 3 year old noticed the black 'something or other' on it and asked me.  I told him it was a buffalo.

(And because I wear the shirt so often, it was fairly easy to go into my computer files, click on any random month/year file and find a picture of me wearing it... ha ha).  But it was hard to find one where the buffalo showed up in the photo.  Without spending too much time searching, this one ((above)) was good enough.)

"Buffalo?" he asked.

So I broke out the photo albums of our Girls Road Trip 2017 and showed him buffalo...  right next to my car... right out my window... and some of them were as BIG as my car.

How AWESOME it was for me to go through these photo albums again.  Honestly, life has been so crazy and busy lately that although I've thought about our trip fairly often (because I really, really want to go do this particular camping/hiking trip again...) I've not actually busted out the albums and looked through them.

The 3 year old asking me about buffalo's was a happy surprise to my day.  I enjoyed looking back on that road trip and reliving some of the moments.  I posted about it on CoffeeTalking.com previously, but here were a few of the 'buffalo' photos I showed the 3 year old....   I think most of these were in the Custer State Park area and taken on two different days.

I know someone out there needs to hear this... or your parents or grandparents do. Getting threats your Social Security number will be suspended? It's a scam.

google search image labeled free for reuse

Getting threats your Social Security number will be suspended? It's a scam.

Source: https://www.foxbusiness.com/money/irs-new-social-security-scam

It's the latest twist on tax-related scams, with fraudsters attempting to scare people into returning robocall voicemails, the Internal Revenue Service warns. If the scammers make contact with a taxpayer, they typically ask for detailed personal information.

“Taxpayers should not give out sensitive information over the phone unless they are positive they know the caller is legitimate,” the IRS said in a statement. “When in doubt – hang up.”

The IRS notes it doesn't accept payment methods such as prepaid debit cards, iTunes gift cards or wire transfers – which are telltale signs of a scam. It will also not ask a person to make a payment to any entity (or individual) other than the U.S. Treasury.


A taxpayer will not be threatened with arrest or other police involvement by the tax agency, and it will always give a taxpayer the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed.

In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission said it received 3 million consumer complaints – including more than 1.4 million fraud reports. Overall, Americans reported losing $1.48 billion – an increase of nearly 40 percent when compared with 2017.

Amounts reported stolen tended to vary by age: When people age 70 and over lost money, the median value was $751, compared with a median of $400 for people in their 20s. The median was even higher for those at least 80 years old – a whopping $1,700.

Imposter scams – where the fraudster pretends to be someone the victims trust to convince them to send money -- are the most frequently reported.

As for the preferred methods of obtaining the money, $423 million was taken by wire transfer, the most common technique. The FTC, however, saw a 95 percent increase in payments with gift and other reloadable cards.


Rambling over Coffee.... commenting on this mornings news while I sip my Peppermint Bark coffee!

Georgia manhunt on for convicted child rapist mistakenly released from prison


They are saying it's 'unclear' how he was mistakenly let out.  In this day of computers, ID checks, scans, computerized fingerprinting, and body scans, etc. SO many security measures, you would think an 'oops' like this wouldn't happen.  (Munoz-Mendez went to prison in April 2015 after receiving three life sentences for the rape and aggravated child molestation of a girl under the age of 10 in Gwinnett County, Atlanta’s WSB-TV reported, citing court records.)

Kansas man hits bass with his truck in fishy roadkill accident


The photo the man took is awesome.  It made for a good smirk as I sipped my morning coffee.

Grandfather charged in death of toddler who fell on cruise ship in Puerto Rico


This was just a tiny little 'video' update (and I HATE HATE HATE news videos like this.  Play cheesy stupid music in the background and show random images and type one sentence across the street and play it... blah.  Pathetic 'journalism'). BUT I was happy to see a little update anyway.  Although I doubt he will be found guilty, I'm glad they are bringing charges because when I first read this story months ago, I was so pissed that the family wanted to sue the cruise ship.  The grandfather holds a 2 year old up to an OPEN window on a SHIP and put her on the edge... I'm sure he just figured he would let her look out the window.  I'm sure it was an accident.  I don't think he should go to jail for it.  But as an ACCIDENT caused by the grandfather, I sincerely hope they don't win millions of dollars from the cruise ship company for an accident they caused by their own actions.  I hope all parties in involved are found not guilty.

Attorney for Covington Catholic teen reacts to judge reopening lawsuit against WaPo


The judge ruled that an amended complaint submitted by Sandmann's attorneys "alleged in greater detail than the original complaint that Phillips deliberately lied concerning the events at issue, and that Phillips had "an unsavory reputation which, but for the defendant’s negligence or malice, would have alerted defendant to this fact."
McMurtry tweeted that the ruling "bodes well for the NBC and CNN cases, as well."
Glad that this case isn't over yet!!!  The media is no longer JOURNALISM but has become to think they are free to make up news stories however they wish or feed the story to the public however THEY wish and deem it to be.  Facts are no longer checked because they are feeding the need for shock and awe news 24/7.  Media BULLIES people and because they tend to focus on people who are conservative, quiet, Republican and support the current President... they are getting away with it.  When they are found to be making up lies, skewing the truth, spreading propaganda, they simply shrug their shoulders, do a little social media twitter fake 'apology' and move on.  Never owning up to the lives they are ruining and damaging with their lies and yes... fake news.

Florida man dressed as Trump at Halloween fair allegedly punched in face by 14-year-old


The 14-year-old girl walked up to the man, who was standing on line with his family Saturday night for a haunted house at the Collier County Fairgrounds, and punched him in the jaw.  The girl then allegedly laughed and ran back to a group of friends.

My thought when reading this was... I wish he would have hauled off and and punched her back!  But of course then he would have been the one to get arrested.  Stupid little b*tch.  A f-ing FOURTEEN YEAR OLD.  I was happy to see at the end, she was charged with a misdemeanor battery.

California wildfire evacuees sleep in cars when shelter reaches capacity


Forced to sleep in cars?
Would they rather sleep in their fucking houses?  Are they seriously bitching about shelters being full?  It's not ANY governments job to even house you in a shelter to begin with!???   If you are being evacuated and you have a vehicle... you are free to drive as far as you wish.  You are free to go stay at a hotel, go stay with family.  But to be evacuated from your home for your own safety and then to bitch and complain because a shelter is full so you have to "sleep in your car"?  Boo hoo?  If you have a car to sleep in, then be thankful.  And remember; it's not the government's responsibility for your safety.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.  If they are providing some shelters, yeah for them.  That's nice of them.  But it's not their responsibility.  PREPARE YOURSELF FOR EMERGENCIES.  It's well known that you should always have an emergency bag ready to go and food, medicine, water for at least 3 days... at all times.

"We can confirm from our investigation that there was never a camera in the lavatory" - And HOW can they confirm that AFTER the fact?

Source:  https://www.foxnews.com/travel/southwest-airlines-hidden-camera-bathroom-allegations-inappropriate-attempt-at-humor#

A flight attendant who is suing Southwest Airlines after allegedly finding pilots watching video footage of the plane's bathroom said that an airline official told her not to go public or "no one would ever fly our airline again."

(Renee Steinaker claims that she saw an iPad showing what appeared to be live footage of the plane's bathroom in the plane cockpit in 2017, and that one of the pilots told her it was "top secret security measure," according to court documents.)

Steinaker says that an unnamed airline official told her to keep quiet about it, telling her: "If this got out, if this went public, no one, I mean no one, would ever fly our airline again."

Southwest said that it investigated the plane and couldn't find any cameras. 
 "We can confirm from our investigation that there was never a camera in the lavatory," Southwest Airlines said in a statement.

UH - HOW can they confirm this?  AFTER the fact.  Because if you were one of those pilots and you saw that a flight attendant SAW you do this, I'm thinking THE FIRST THING THEY DID was remove the camera and delete the evidence.  By the time she could report it, get Southwest to take her seriously and FINALLY "look into it" I'm sure no camera was found.  DUH???

But then it gets better... here was the next thing they said about it... which really doesn't make any sense.  I'm not sure who they are taking about.  The pilots?  Because they surely not trying to say the flight attendant made this up to be... humorous?  Whaaaaat?

The airline also called the incident "an inappropriate attempt at humor, which the company did not condone."


Rambling over Coffee - but it's really not coffee today. It's a Passion Fruit Truly Hard Seltzer and I guess todays topic is kind of... how McDonalds doesn't have play areas anymore?

This morning I not only decided to run errands but was feeling guilty that we've been rained-in for the last few days and the 3 year old hasn't gotten to go to the playground even though he has sweetly asked every single day.  (And oddly, told my husband last night at dinner that we DID go to the playground.  In which, Mr. Husband turned around to look at me oddly because it was pouring rain allllll day.  Now, I'm a nature kind of girl and yes, I do actually let them go outside and play in the rain, but not at a playground and not where I'll have to haul muddy children back home... in my car!).  So no.
No playground.

Today we did Walmart first.  I only did this Walmart because I wanted to hit up the McDonalds near it as I figured it would have one of those big indoor play areas and the 3 year and 1 year old could both get some playground time that doesn't include mud.  Plus, the three year old is dying to play with other children so I was thinking McDonalds play areas always have children in them, right?

What do I know?

I rarely, almost never ever eat at McDonalds and I haven't bothered to check out their play areas in 20 years.

Well, the original McDonads I planned to go to was... weird? Awful?  Designed by someone on crack and maybe drunk at the same time?  I couldn't even figure out their parking lot.   I drove around the entire building twice before finding a parking spot on the back side, in the 'upper' lot.  Yes, a second lot.  Because there was apparently only curb side pick up and drive-thru's and 'mobile orders' parking on the lower level and NOT ONE OF THOSE MOBILE PARKING SPOTS WERE FILLED and only 2 of about 10 curb side were filled.  So I pulled to the upper lot, and looked back at the building.  Where it had a double drive-thru going on... but no door.  Apparently I'd have to grab a baby and a toddler, walk through the upper parking lot to the lower lot, through the traffic (literally through) the traffic of the double drive-thru's and then around the building to the front where I could finally go through a door.


Oh hell no.
Plus... I couldn't see a play area through the glass so I wasn't even sure they had one.

I pulled out, drove around the building for the third time, but this time I left.

Down the interstate 12 freakin miles just to hit up the next McDonalds.  Horrible traffic, no turn lane or light and me trying to make a left turn against a never ending line of bumper to bumper traffic.

Firetrucks and sirens then filled the air and the already stopped traffic legit had a reason to stop.  Finally got through, around and into the parking lot.  Got a spot, got the kids, watched firetrucks pass by and whew.  FINALLY into the McDonalds.  Greeted by two empty "order yourself" kiosks because everyone, like me, just wanted to give my order to a real, live human and be done with it.

I did.

And then, balancing a baby, holding the hand of the toddler, backpack on my back and big old number placecard in my hand, we went to find a table and....


THAT'S what McDonalds calls a play area these days?


Just... wow.

A tiny little step up to a rubber play mat with some animal shapes painted on a board to the right, a big blue rubberized giant rolling pin type thing built into the floor that not one kid cared to go near (and I couldn't even get the 16 month old interested in the least) and some weird circle on the left with sand or plastic particles in it that I guess you could try to turn the wheel... again... sadly all alone and NOT ONE KID CARED ABOUT THIS CRAP.

3 little rubber square steps that led to an upper level with NOTHING to do but a wide space and an opening for one pathetic slide.

The half eaten chicken nugget laying the floor was the most exciting thing there - which I climbed in (with my shoes on) to scoop up quickly and toss away before any little ones grabbed it to munch on.

The 16 month old found zero interest in anything... which is crazy because he easily spends 2 hours at even the most pathetic of playgrounds.  This, apparently was even worse than pathetic.

The three year managed to go down the slide twice, I told him our food was ready and to come eat, and then went down the slide twice and we left.

THIS is McDonald's play areas now????

Sad.  Sad little areas they would do better to just rip it out and put in more tables and chairs for seating... especially considering how there were more elderly and couples with no children in the children area than there were parents with kids simply because there was NO SEATING in the McDonalds.

Then again, considering that other McD's had 2 drive thru's and the entire lower parking lot reserved for mobile app orders and curb side pickup, maybe no one but the elderly are bothering to go inside McDonalds anymore.


Expecting my delivery of Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Coffee Today!

As I chatted about earlier this week, it's the one and only flavored coffee I can really stand to drink.  Probably because it's not 'sweet' and it's not mocha, it's not bitter and it's not fake.

It's a great blend and there is no 'mocha' or chocolate to ruin it... it's more of a peppermint vanilla with hints of white chocolate (I hate chocolate so I don't care for the mocha most peppermint coffee has) and it's almost more of an aroma that fills your senses than just peppermint flavoring added.  It's really quite wonderful and I love to drink it when the weather turns dreary, cold and wet.

(Just as a side note... rambling over coffee and all that).  The Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Coffee is not ANYTHING like just adding peppermint syrup to your coffee.  And most people in America at least, like things sweet.  And are so used to sugar added to their food and beverages that many want their coffee sweet.. and chemically.  Although they are so used to the taste of preservatives and chemicals they don't even realize their food tastes like that unless they start to eat clean, fresh, homemade and preservative free.  After a month of eating clean, try a bite of Cool Whip, frozen Macaroni and Cheese meals, store bought bread, or yes... flavored coffee.  And the taste of chemicals is overpowering!).

So no, this coffee is not sweet.  It's not syrup added to your coffee.
It clears your nose when you breathe deeply the aroma, so it's amazing when you have a bit of a head cold.

Oh I just love it.

And I'm expecting my order delivered today.

My only concern is that I found a great deal on it... but because I've been screwed over by 'mistakes' in the product descriptions for items I've ordered before, I'm wondering this....

Will I get the 24 count boxes I ordered according to the description?

Or will they be the more typical 18 or 12 count boxes that are easier to find?



Rambling over Coffee: Children are entitled to birth

My heart broke a few months ago when one after another, some states declared a baby's life to be so unimportant that it could be legally killed right up to it's birth.  A fully formed, full term, ready for life baby.  A baby that looks like the mother ready to kill it (or have it killed).  He or she has her eyes or nose, her shape of face.  Has similar shaped hands, or perhaps hands like Grandpa, with Daddy's ears and toes.  The mother has felt the baby move, kick, squirm.  If she's been paying attention, she knows the time of day he or she always gets the hiccups.  The baby likes some peoples voices better than others.  It moves away from loud noises and settles down when Mama talks.  The schedule for sleep and awake time is set and a mother knows the baby's active times.  She or the Daddy can play little 'kick' games with that baby too...  you press gently on the foot and it will press back. 

And oh that little foot!  When the baby stretches, and presses the tiny foot against your stomach you can often see the outline of that little foot!  It's joyous!

And yet, now in many states, that very aware baby... can legally be killed.

Don't fool yourself with calling it different names to make yourself feel better.

If you are pro-abortion, especially after the baby is viable outside the womb, just call it what it is.  Murder.  If you believe in it and support it, then don't try to hide your own emotions behind words that make you feel better.  Own up to it.

So... murder of a tiny little person ok by many in our society.

And yet, yesterday Congress decides it will be a felony to hurt an animal.  Human babies can be hurt... no problem.  But try to hurt a cat and they'll throw you in prison.

Whatever.  Stupidity.

Then this morning in the midst of a much, much longer comment, a tiny little piece of a sentence this person was saying jumped out at me.  The sentence was much longer and went to a different topic but this part... oh, this part says it well. 

Children are entitled to birth.


I've just never thought about it in that perfectly, simple terms before.  It's perfect in its simplicity though.

If two people have came together and their coupling has made a new life, a child... then that child has every right to life that its parents did.  Every right that you and I have.

Once life has been made, that child is entitled to birth.

By the power of life itself, children are entitled to birth.  


Rambling over Coffee: I jinxed myself this morning! (Re; the peppermint bark coffee)

I should have knocked on wood... 

I left to run errands this morning, which included hitting up the 'good' Walmart in a small town near me.  (Verses the 'bad' Walmart which is closer but I only go there if I have no other options... which is averaging about once every 4 years). 

And probably because I jinxed myself this morning...  not only was I not able to find any Peppermint Coffee there yet;  they also, for the first time at least 6 years CHANGED OUT THE SHELF WHERE IT ALWAYS IS.  That little secret end cap that is always filled with fun and different and seasonal coffee that is tucked away by the dairy department doors?  First time I ever remember seeing it changing... literally within 2 hours of me posting that I was so excited I knew I could find my coffee there.

They were switching it over to pasta and sauces.

I'm not amused.

And... I'm off to use the same darn Amazon links to buy MY coffee that I posted for everyone else this morning.  Because apparently MY Walmarts aren't carrying it.

Rambling over Coffee: Not posting immediately after reading the news AND it's that time of year! PEPPERMINT BARK COFFEE!!!!!

My goal of not posting right after I read the news is probably a good thing. 

Although I read some news articles this morning, it was over 40 minutes ago and although I'm still circling a few of the topics through my brain; dissecting them and commenting and hashing them out, I'm not all fired up and posting when I'm so frustrated I can't put my thoughts together as I'd like. My brain works at warp speeds compared to how fast I can talk... (and I talk FAST - I'm a Northerner!  Ha ha).  And although I type quickly as well, I grow frustrated that I can't talk or type as fast as I think.  By the time my brain sends the signals to my mouth fingers I'm already another 'mile down the road' in my thought process.  So I probably end up sounding like an idiot because it seems like a waste of time to try to say what I wanted to say 7 seconds ago, as my brain has already processed it all and went on to 9 different things in those 7 seconds.  And I get bored so easily that my thoughts/comments/arguments from 5 seconds ago are already 'old' to me and I've moved on.

My husband tells me this isn't how the average person thinks.  But I know it's genetic because my son processes this way and to some extent, my youngest daughter.  The oldest daughter takes after her Dad and from what I'm told... normal people.  Ha ha.

Coffee this morning is my 'regular' I've been drinking for some time now.  Starbucks Sumatra.  I haven't blogged about new coffee in a while because I really haven't been trying any.  I had to drink a different brand/flavor about 8 weeks ago when I was out of Sumatra, but I restocked and honestly just haven't wanted anything else for a long, long time.

The only thing I've been noticing this week is that I have been preferring the one and ONLY flavored coffee I really, really like:  Peppermint Bark Coffee!!!!! I don't know what it is about this ONE coffee flavor/brand but it's really the only flavored coffee I can stand to drink... and I can drink it daily to replace regular black coffee throughout the winter months.  I don't add sweetener or anything to it.  I love it just the way it is. 

Note on the coffee:  It's out now, but you have to find it and stock up on it!  It always sells out quickly.  You can find it locally at your Walmart stores and sometimes grocery stores but it flies off the shelves pretty fast from what I've seen.

I have one Walmart that is out in the country, in a small town near me that keeps it in a very strange 'end cap' style place in the dairy section.  I'm SO GLAD THEY DO because a lot of people don't notice it there and I can usually find it.  I've found it there the last couple years...  and I'm due to head there today for some groceries and YES I'm going to check.  As a matter of fact, the only reason I've been able to enjoy it this week is because I snagged 2 boxes LAST spring before it disappeared for the year.  I've tucked them into the back of my pantry, waiting for the cool weather of Fall.

That cool weather hit this week and those boxes came out, and have gone so quickly I think I've only a few k-cups left...  so I'll be looking at Walmart today for more.

It's currently (as of this morning's post) available through Amazon.  I've added some links to this post.  But if this year is like most years, they'll sell out too.  AND NOTE:   The Holiday Buzz blend LOOKS similar on the box but it is NOT the Peppermint Bark style I'm talking about.  :)

   The Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark K-cups by Donut Shop Classics (18 Count)

  Starbucks Sumatra Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 12-Ounce Bag (Pack of 6)

   Starbucks Sumatra Dark Roast Single Cup Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 4 Boxes of 24 (96 Count K-Cup Pods)

   Starbucks Sumatra Dark Roast Single Cup Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 60 Count


Let's chat about the top 100 baby boy and baby girl names.......

I'm thinking new posts for It's Just the Coffee Talking shouldn't ever be written after I've already read the news for the morning.  I come here with some ideas to talk about but it all goes right out the window after I've seen the news.  Suddenly I'm frustrated, angry and saddened and well, often, disgusted and heartbroken.

Instead, this afternoon, I've brewed a cup of coffee and decided to jump over to the social security website and look up the top 100 baby names for both boys and girls... and give some thought to them.

Names are funny things.  What one person will love, another person would be aghast at naming a child such.  I know of a couple times I've not liked the names a friend or family member picked... but I certainly kept my thoughts to myself.  Not my baby, not my choice!  However, if there was something glaringly obvious about the name I would point it out.  There are people who have named their child monikers that are actually just words... and the definition of the word is such that I'm certain they probably barely passed elementary school, have never cracked open a dictionary and forgot to 'google' the meaning of the word before putting it down as their child's legal name.

But on the other hand, I've commented on names in conversations with friends and family, and it ends up that we've not seen eye-to-eye on some of them.  One conversation, I must have seriously offended an online friend (this was about 15 years ago) when I commented how I hate the name 'Stella' and that it's just awful of a parent to name their daughter as such.  That Stella, to me, brought a image of a pink uniform wearing, beehive hairdo'd waitress from 1950.  That online friend pointed out it was the name of her daughter's best friend (then 15 years old) and that the girl was just a delight.  And her name just "fit her perfectly".  She said that as a positive, but I quietly was thinking how telling me it "fit her perfectly" was a GOOD thing when I just offered my brains image of someone with that name every time I hear it.

But... some day I might love that name.

30 years ago I couldn't imagine EVER naming a little baby girl something awful like "Ellen, Molly or Anne"  (I found an old diary where I had wrote this).  Isn't it funny that about 20 years later, I fell in love with more traditional names and Eleanor, Ellen, Molly, Anne, Margaret, Claire, Evelyn, etc. are all names I think are just lovely.  I would even use some of them if I was currently pregnant with a little girl.  Which I'm most certainly not!

So... here is the list of the top 100 names from the US Social Security site.

And some of my thoughts.

Popularity in 2018
Rank Male name Female name
1 Liam Emma
2 Noah Olivia
3 William Ava
4 James Isabella
5 Oliver Sophia
6 Benjamin Charlotte
7 Elijah Mia
8 Lucas Amelia
9 Mason Harper
10 Logan Evelyn
11 Alexander Abigail
12 Ethan Emily
13 Jacob Elizabeth
14 Michael Mila
15 Daniel Ella
16 Henry Avery
17 Jackson Sofia
18 Sebastian Camila
19 Aiden Aria
20 Matthew Scarlett
21 Samuel Victoria
22 David Madison
23 Joseph Luna
24 Carter Grace
25 Owen Chloe
26 Wyatt Penelope
27 John Layla
28 Jack Riley
29 Luke Zoey
30 Jayden Nora
31 Dylan Lily
32 Grayson Eleanor
33 Levi Hannah
34 Isaac Lillian
35 Gabriel Addison
36 Julian Aubrey
37 Mateo Ellie
38 Anthony Stella
39 Jaxon Natalie
40 Lincoln Zoe
41 Joshua Leah
42 Christopher Hazel
43 Andrew Violet
44 Theodore Aurora
45 Caleb Savannah
46 Ryan Audrey
47 Asher Brooklyn
48 Nathan Bella
49 Thomas Claire
50 Leo Skylar
51 Isaiah Lucy
52 Charles Paisley
53 Josiah Everly
54 Hudson Anna
55 Christian Caroline
56 Hunter Nova
57 Connor Genesis
58 Eli Emilia
59 Ezra Kennedy
60 Aaron Samantha
61 Landon Maya
62 Adrian Willow
63 Jonathan Kinsley
64 Nolan Naomi
65 Jeremiah Aaliyah
66 Easton Elena
67 Elias Sarah
68 Colton Ariana
69 Cameron Allison
70 Carson Gabriella
71 Robert Alice
72 Angel Madelyn
73 Maverick Cora
74 Nicholas Ruby
75 Dominic Eva
76 Jaxson Serenity
77 Greyson Autumn
78 Adam Adeline
79 Ian Hailey
80 Austin Gianna
81 Santiago Valentina
82 Jordan Isla
83 Cooper Eliana
84 Brayden Quinn
85 Roman Nevaeh
86 Evan Ivy
87 Ezekiel Sadie
88 Xavier Piper
89 Jose Lydia
90 Jace Alexa
91 Jameson Josephine
92 Leonardo Emery
93 Bryson Julia
94 Axel Delilah
95 Everett Arianna
96 Parker Vivian
97 Kayden Kaylee
98 Miles Sophie
99 Sawyer Brielle
100 Jason Madeline


Emma - surprised this is still so popular!  Remember 20 years ago when it got so popular after Ross and Rachel chose it for their daughter on the tv show Friends?  I also have a great great Aunt who just passed away at age 100 named Emma.  It's a name that stands the test of time for sure.

Noah - I loved this name back when I was a teenager... and even into my very early 20's.  After that, it started to fade.  I'm not sure how I feel about it now.  I keep wavering!

William - Oddly, I had never really thought about this name or whether I liked it or not... odd because it's a family name!  My grandfather's name, one of my siblings middle name... it wasn't until a friends nephew was born and they named him William that I never actually stopped to think about this name! I didn't care for it at the time (I think that was about 18 or 19 years ago).  However, it grew on me.  I do like it.  Not enough to use it myself, but I do like it.

Ava - I used to like this one about 15 years ago... but it's been so over used that it means little to me now when I hear it.  I guess I still 'like' it but I gloss over it when I hear or see it.  It's become invisible to me since it's been used and used and used.

James - really surprised this one is back to top popularity again.  I never thought I'd see this in the top 10.

Sophia - another name so overused that it lost all meaning or attention.  I gloss over it.

Benjamin - Again, surprised it's a top name.  I do know someone who named their baby this 2 years ago.  When she did, I started to think about it again (I had forgotten about it, mostly).  I don't care for it personally but it's not a terrible name.

Charlotte - as a teen I did not like this "old lady" name.  I had a semi-friend with this name too!  I couldn't imagine why her mother did that to her.  Now of course, there is a Charlotte in every classroom I think.

Elijah - about 18 years ago I went through a short phase where I liked this name.  Meh.
Mia - My daughter named her hamster this when she was little.  After that Mia was always 'a hamster'.

Amelia - I know it's traditional and a lot of people think it's pretty.  I think Amelia Bedelia.

Mason - Yuck.
Harper - Really thought it was cute a few years ago but it's just being used SOOOO MUCH that I'm sad.  I'm starting to not like it anymore and I don't want that to happen.

Logan - seems very 1972 to me.  And Logan's Run-ish.
Evelyn - I love this one... which is interesting.  I've had this name my whole life as it was an 'old lady' name.  But about 7 or 8 years ago I started to love it.  And still do.

Emily - people still use Emily????

Jacob - I considered this one for one of my children but that was almost 23 years ago.  And we were going to use "Jake" as his actual day-to-day name.  My nephew got the name instead and it's all turned out just fine! 

Elizabeth - never liked this name nor any of the awful nicknames that go with it.  Libby, Liz, Betty? Barf.

Henry - I always think "Oh, Henry is such a cute name" but then I think "Henry.  Henry." and I realize no, actually I don't think I like it.  But I do this every time I hear it!  Ha ha.

Avery - like the label making company.

Jackson - over done. Over done. OVER done.

Sebastian - funny, I loved this name 28 years ago - enough to have used it.  Not so much at all in the past 15.

Camila - love the flowers hate the name.

Aiden - Love this name. 
Aria - Heard my first girls name Aria back when I was a teen in 1988.  Thought it was different and pretty... but now that I'm older?  No. Not at all.

Scarlett - Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.  Sorry... I hear the name, I think of the movie.

Victoria - a name I LOVED when I was about 12 or 13.  Yuck.  What was I thinking?  LOL.

David - I feel bad for babies named David.  Or Daniel.

Luna - I know a cat named Luna. To me it's a cute cat name!

Penelope - Penelope Pig.  Instantaneous thought.

Layla - Oh how I hate this name... let me count the ways. This and Lola.  WTF?

Jack - Such a cute name, but so over done.

Riley - it's a girls name on this list and oh how I love it.  Getting some heavy use right now which makes me sad because I really love it... and don't want to start hating it. 

Jayden - I know a boy (man?) born 30 years ago with this name. I knew his Mom, which is why I think of him as a boy even now.  LOL.  At the time it was new, different and interesting. Now, just so overdone in the past 15 or so years.  Not a fan.

Nora - another old name I grew up hating as an old lady name but oh how it's so pretty now.

Eleanor - I swore to my first born daughter in a pregnancy diary, I would never name her anything awful like this.  Now, I think it's pretty although a bit too fancy for everyday use.

Gabriel - I've loved this one for years although I don't know anyone who has used it for their son.  I couldn't because it didn't go with our last name very well. We have a family friend named Gabe and I've always loved his name.

Addison - you know how you love a name until one person ruins it for you?  That.

Aubrey - Hate this name so bad.

Mateo - cute name but you really need to have some Spanish heritage in your to pull it off I think.

Ellie - Like it but have some connotations to people with the name that kind of ruin it for me.

Stella - we've already talked about this one.  Barf.

Jaxon - thankfully a lot of people are using this for their dogs now, which is good because it's been FAR too over used for human babies.

Natalie - I hate this name.  Even if I like someone that HAS this name. I don't like her name.

Hazel - I'm sorry little girls that were given this name... I'm sure you are sweet but I'm still sorry about the name you were given.

Violet - see my comment to Hazel above. Ditto.

Theodore - I just love the name Theo but hate the name Teddy.

Aurora - Yuck.

Caleb - when I was a child I remember looking up the name Caleb in a name dictionary around 4th grade.  I found it meant "dog" and I've never liked it since. First impressions die hard.

Savannah - Smiles?
Audrey - Just as awful as Aubrey.

Asher - Have always quietly liked this one for a boy.
Brooklyn - I can't believe I had this on the 'long list' for my first born.  It was there, although I like to forget that.

Bella - dying out quickly over the past couple years... thankfully.

Claire - I wanted this for our 3rd child.  No one else in my entire extended family did.  LOL.
Skylar - I always picture it with a K on the end and say "Skylark" (the bird).

OK - I've commented on the first 50 (hit or miss) and my time is up... it was up about 8 minutes ago so I've been typing really, really fast.

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Rambling over Coffee: Since when is a simple bride costume 'beyond inappropriate' and WTF is ALWAYS (Procter & Gamble's) problem!? They hate REAL WOMEN and have a problem supporting females (REAL females) with their menstrual pads because males have issues with it?

Kmart removes kid's bride costume after severe backlash: 'Beyond inappropriate'

The $6 costume, which included a white wedding gown and headband with veil for children between the ages of 4 and 6, was stripped from sale on Tuesday afternoon just two days after Shannon B launched the petition on Change.org.

“Kmart Australia regrets the decision to range the bride costume,” a Kmart spokesperson told 7 News.

Little girls love to play wedding.  They love to dress up.  They love brides!  At any wedding, just watch the little girls from age 3 to 16 stare at the bride, follow her around and want to have their photo taken with her.  Kids play "wedding" and little girls dream of the day they marry.  There is NOTHING wrong with a little girls 'bride' costume and it is CERTAINLY NOT "beyond inappropriate" and the fact that idiots started a fucking petition over something so stupid proves that they are idiots with nothing better to do or petition for real, needed change in our world... but Kmart CAVED TO THEM!??  So you know what?  Kmart is going out of business and dying anyway.  Good riddance.  You deserve because of your willingness to not only bow down to a few people bitching and complaining but it also panders to people who simply don't use common sense.  Child brides and sex trafficking coming to the minds of a few people who see this costume should NOT override the fact that it's a fucking COSTUME and little girls LOVE to play dress up as brides. 


Always to stop using Venus symbol on menstruation products to be more inclusive

"For over 35 years Always has championed girls and women, and we will continue to do so," the company said in a statement Tuesday, according to The Independent. "We're also committed to diversity & inclusion and are on a continual journey to understand the needs of all of our consumers."

Company officials added that they realize not everyone who needs feminine hygiene products "identif[ies] as female." Proctor & Gamble did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News.

The decision was lauded by trans activists but faced criticism online.

“Women are quite literally being erased from sanitary products now. Is there anywhere we are allowed to be visible!?” one woman wrote on Twitter, according to The Independent.

Advocacy group Trans Actual praised the decision.

This one infuriates me.
Just yesterday I read that a man won the women's cycling race.
Now we have men wanting to use menstrual pads.

Always you are NOT "CHAMPIONING GIRLS AND WOMEN" by once AGAIN putting MEN'S OPINIONS and wants ahead of ours. You basically are saying women and girls do NOT matter.  Only the opinion of MALES matter.  Males that are offended that the venus symbol is on a female product.

Always is a brand of feminine hygiene products, including maxi pads, ultra thin pads, pantiliners, and feminine wipes, produced by Procter & Gamble.


Attempted to leave the house to run errands today... yeah, not happening. (Toddler and baby alert!)

This morning I considered hitting up the library in the little town next to ours (we don't have one). I heard it had preschool story hour and a preschool music class going on.  I also considered the playground across the street from the library as an option afterwards.  I was even thinking I'd bring a towel to wipe down the equipment as it rained last night and I knew rainwater would be pooling on all the slides, tunnels, swings.  Lastly, we need more milk and I was actually in the mood to head to the 'good' Walmart in the next town over and get the few items on our list. 

As a sidenote, I was even entertaining the idea of surprising one of my daughter's at work by showing up with the 3 year old and 1 year old.

But I don't think it was meant to be.


Got the three year old dressed.
He was content to play with his new toy in the family room.
Got the clothes for the baby laid out. He thought it was hilarious when I told him it was time to get a clean diaper on.  Took off running and giggling.  No worries.  I could get dressed myself.
Got some makeup on, quickly straightened and put my hair back in a band while the baby played in and out of my room.
Got dressed but felt... off.  Decided to go with it.
Went to get the baby dressed and the oldest daughter texted.
I stopped to answer her text and send her a photo of the Halloween costume I bought for the 3 year old.
As I sent the text, the 3 year old tells me "Look at the baby!  He took his diaper off!"
Sure enough... in the time it took to send a text & photo, the baby had gotten his diaper off and was running around.
And yes... he had pooped.
Got the baby cleaned up, dressed.
Got socks on the baby.
The three year old has to go potty.  I undo the tie on his shorts and send him in.
I put the shoes on the baby.
The three year calls out he's done going potty.
"Ok, then pull up your pants and wash"
"I'm done..."
"I know.  Just pull up your pants and wash your hands."
"I'm done..."
"Did you go poop?"
"Just potty?"
"OK.  Then just stand up, and pull up your pants."
"I'm done...."
I put the baby down, go into the bathroom, look at him.
"Did you poop?"
"Then... what are you waiting for?  Pull up your pants."
He does.  (?????).
I catch myself in the mirror. Not only do I not feel good in what I'm wearing, I don't like how it looks.   I can't go all day uncomfortable like this.
I go in, take off my shoes, my dress, put on pants.
Put on a different shirt.
It looks and feels awful.
Take it off.
3 year old and baby running around and playing with things in my room while I am hating everything I put on.
Completely change into running shorts and long sleeve t-shirt.
Oh... much better.
Back to the door and put on my tennis shoes.
Baby takes his shoes off while I'm putting mine on.
Baby shoes back on.
Hair!  Goofy bedhead back hair on the 3 year old.  Wet down hair and comb.
Wet baby's hair and finger comb the curls.
OK!  Grocery list - check.  Purse - check.  Water bottle?  Check!
Baby sees I have a water bottle and throws a hysterical instant fit because he doesn't have one.
His is IN the car already. I have sippee cups, bottled water and snacks in the diaper bag in the car.
He doesn't know that.  So it's easier to quickly grab another sippee cup, fill and hand it to him.
Pick up baby.
Three year old has little new toy that involves plastic parts that form a superhero 'shell' around a squishy toy.  He's bringing it with, which is fine.  
Baby in arms, purse, bottled water, list.
Get ready to set the security alarm.
Tell the 3 year old to start going down the stairs now so I can set the alarm.  He knows this... we go through it EVERY. TIME.  Because he takes longer to go down the stairs and we need to hurry once I set the 'beep beep'.
He stands there and looks at me.
Not moving.
I repeat myself.  Three times.
I set the alarm.
He slowly S.L.O.W.L.Y turns towards the stairs.
I start down the stairs, arms full.
3 year old freaks OUT that I'm already half way down the stairs.
I stand at the bottom and smile up at him to wait for him; telling him to hurry down, the beep beep is going.
He is upset that I am not RIGHT NEXT TO HIM so he sits on the top stairs and starts to wail.
WHHHHAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~  turns into a screaming cry.
"I'm RIGHT HERE.  Just come on down!  Hurry, the beep beep is going!"  I tell him from about 8 feet away at the bottom stair.
He continues crying and not moving.
"This is why I told you to go before me buddy!  Because I'm big and I walk faster.  Just come on!"
"COME ON.  Just move.  Just go down the stair."
So I start to walk to the basement door... this prods him to finally move and while still whining and crying, at least he comes down the stairs and comes to the door.
I open the door to the garage still trying to beat the security system, and stupidly trying to reason with him and explain THAT is why he has to start going down the stairs when I tell him to.  Because he's slower and needs that time to beat the 'beep beep'.
We get to the car, I open the garage door.  I open the car door and put my water bottle down.
The baby throws his sippee cup to the concrete floor.
I get the cup, walk around the car to open the door for the 3 year old and he drops his toy on the concrete floor.  
It smashes into 5 pieces.



I am not going to start errands with all this chaos.
Hectic. Chaos. Frustration. Rushing.
Nope. Not happening.

Garage door went back down.
Back into the house.
Shoes off.
Toys and kids shows on tv.
Coffee for me.

There's always tomorrow to run to the store and or the playground.

But not today.