Anxiety t-shirts for my anxiety based humorous side!

Many people have told me I have a crazy-good memory.  That I recall things no one else would remember.  That I can remember back further than most people.  Life-long friends often shake their heads and grin and ask me how in the world I remembered a certain event, name, place or date.

But sometimes having a good memory isn't all that great.

Like, when you recall things you don't wish to remember.  Don't want to relieve.  Don't want to feel the feelings that particular memory brings back.

I'm not talking about huge, awful, horrible things... although that could be another post.

No, this is just random little everyday memories that took place and they instantly all come back to me when I see a face, hear a name, see something that causes me to remember.

Some of those things are so minor that if I attempted to explain the memory to someone else, they wouldn't be able to understand why I didn't like that memory.  Why I didn't want to feel the feelings it brought back.  Because they really are quite small in the grand scheme of life.

That mean thing that someone said to you...
That person that hurt your feelings...
The get-together you weren't invited to...
The back-handed compliment that wasn't a compliment but more like a 'mean girl' comment...
The look you got from a peer or neighbor that spoke volumes and made you feel stupid...
The person that judged you... wrongly.

All small things, but things that I wish I could forget!

All things that probably contribute to the amount of anxiety I feel today in social situations!  Ha ha.

And why I probably love all these anxiety t-shirts I've been bookmarking at Amazon lately and am pondering purchasing.

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