Attempted to leave the house to run errands today... yeah, not happening. (Toddler and baby alert!)

This morning I considered hitting up the library in the little town next to ours (we don't have one). I heard it had preschool story hour and a preschool music class going on.  I also considered the playground across the street from the library as an option afterwards.  I was even thinking I'd bring a towel to wipe down the equipment as it rained last night and I knew rainwater would be pooling on all the slides, tunnels, swings.  Lastly, we need more milk and I was actually in the mood to head to the 'good' Walmart in the next town over and get the few items on our list. 

As a sidenote, I was even entertaining the idea of surprising one of my daughter's at work by showing up with the 3 year old and 1 year old.

But I don't think it was meant to be.


Got the three year old dressed.
He was content to play with his new toy in the family room.
Got the clothes for the baby laid out. He thought it was hilarious when I told him it was time to get a clean diaper on.  Took off running and giggling.  No worries.  I could get dressed myself.
Got some makeup on, quickly straightened and put my hair back in a band while the baby played in and out of my room.
Got dressed but felt... off.  Decided to go with it.
Went to get the baby dressed and the oldest daughter texted.
I stopped to answer her text and send her a photo of the Halloween costume I bought for the 3 year old.
As I sent the text, the 3 year old tells me "Look at the baby!  He took his diaper off!"
Sure enough... in the time it took to send a text & photo, the baby had gotten his diaper off and was running around.
And yes... he had pooped.
Got the baby cleaned up, dressed.
Got socks on the baby.
The three year old has to go potty.  I undo the tie on his shorts and send him in.
I put the shoes on the baby.
The three year calls out he's done going potty.
"Ok, then pull up your pants and wash"
"I'm done..."
"I know.  Just pull up your pants and wash your hands."
"I'm done..."
"Did you go poop?"
"Just potty?"
"OK.  Then just stand up, and pull up your pants."
"I'm done...."
I put the baby down, go into the bathroom, look at him.
"Did you poop?"
"Then... what are you waiting for?  Pull up your pants."
He does.  (?????).
I catch myself in the mirror. Not only do I not feel good in what I'm wearing, I don't like how it looks.   I can't go all day uncomfortable like this.
I go in, take off my shoes, my dress, put on pants.
Put on a different shirt.
It looks and feels awful.
Take it off.
3 year old and baby running around and playing with things in my room while I am hating everything I put on.
Completely change into running shorts and long sleeve t-shirt.
Oh... much better.
Back to the door and put on my tennis shoes.
Baby takes his shoes off while I'm putting mine on.
Baby shoes back on.
Hair!  Goofy bedhead back hair on the 3 year old.  Wet down hair and comb.
Wet baby's hair and finger comb the curls.
OK!  Grocery list - check.  Purse - check.  Water bottle?  Check!
Baby sees I have a water bottle and throws a hysterical instant fit because he doesn't have one.
His is IN the car already. I have sippee cups, bottled water and snacks in the diaper bag in the car.
He doesn't know that.  So it's easier to quickly grab another sippee cup, fill and hand it to him.
Pick up baby.
Three year old has little new toy that involves plastic parts that form a superhero 'shell' around a squishy toy.  He's bringing it with, which is fine.  
Baby in arms, purse, bottled water, list.
Get ready to set the security alarm.
Tell the 3 year old to start going down the stairs now so I can set the alarm.  He knows this... we go through it EVERY. TIME.  Because he takes longer to go down the stairs and we need to hurry once I set the 'beep beep'.
He stands there and looks at me.
Not moving.
I repeat myself.  Three times.
I set the alarm.
He slowly S.L.O.W.L.Y turns towards the stairs.
I start down the stairs, arms full.
3 year old freaks OUT that I'm already half way down the stairs.
I stand at the bottom and smile up at him to wait for him; telling him to hurry down, the beep beep is going.
He is upset that I am not RIGHT NEXT TO HIM so he sits on the top stairs and starts to wail.
WHHHHAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~  turns into a screaming cry.
"I'm RIGHT HERE.  Just come on down!  Hurry, the beep beep is going!"  I tell him from about 8 feet away at the bottom stair.
He continues crying and not moving.
"This is why I told you to go before me buddy!  Because I'm big and I walk faster.  Just come on!"
"COME ON.  Just move.  Just go down the stair."
So I start to walk to the basement door... this prods him to finally move and while still whining and crying, at least he comes down the stairs and comes to the door.
I open the door to the garage still trying to beat the security system, and stupidly trying to reason with him and explain THAT is why he has to start going down the stairs when I tell him to.  Because he's slower and needs that time to beat the 'beep beep'.
We get to the car, I open the garage door.  I open the car door and put my water bottle down.
The baby throws his sippee cup to the concrete floor.
I get the cup, walk around the car to open the door for the 3 year old and he drops his toy on the concrete floor.  
It smashes into 5 pieces.



I am not going to start errands with all this chaos.
Hectic. Chaos. Frustration. Rushing.
Nope. Not happening.

Garage door went back down.
Back into the house.
Shoes off.
Toys and kids shows on tv.
Coffee for me.

There's always tomorrow to run to the store and or the playground.

But not today.