Down a Road Trip Memory Lane - thanks to a 3 year old wanting to know what a buffalo was! (Buffalo at Custer State Park - South Dakota)

We have house guests this month and today while hanging out with the 3 year old, he noticed something on the t-shirt I was wearing and asked me, "What's that?" 

It was the outline of a buffalo.

One of my all time favorite t-shirts is one I picked up in the Badlands in South Dakota when one of my daughter's and I embarked on a border to border camping and hiking trip across the state in May of 2017.  At the time, I debated long and hard about buying the shirt, even though it was on clearance, it was still about $17 or $19 or something like that.  However, I hadn't bought myself any t-shirts or souvenirs so I finally caved, and cheap frugal me parted with the funds to buy it.

BEST decision ever.  I swear I've worn this long sleeve t-shirt once a week, every week for the past 2 years.  ANYWAY!  Today the 3 year old noticed the black 'something or other' on it and asked me.  I told him it was a buffalo.

(And because I wear the shirt so often, it was fairly easy to go into my computer files, click on any random month/year file and find a picture of me wearing it... ha ha).  But it was hard to find one where the buffalo showed up in the photo.  Without spending too much time searching, this one ((above)) was good enough.)

"Buffalo?" he asked.

So I broke out the photo albums of our Girls Road Trip 2017 and showed him buffalo...  right next to my car... right out my window... and some of them were as BIG as my car.

How AWESOME it was for me to go through these photo albums again.  Honestly, life has been so crazy and busy lately that although I've thought about our trip fairly often (because I really, really want to go do this particular camping/hiking trip again...) I've not actually busted out the albums and looked through them.

The 3 year old asking me about buffalo's was a happy surprise to my day.  I enjoyed looking back on that road trip and reliving some of the moments.  I posted about it on CoffeeTalking.com previously, but here were a few of the 'buffalo' photos I showed the 3 year old....   I think most of these were in the Custer State Park area and taken on two different days.