Expecting my delivery of Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Coffee Today!

As I chatted about earlier this week, it's the one and only flavored coffee I can really stand to drink.  Probably because it's not 'sweet' and it's not mocha, it's not bitter and it's not fake.

It's a great blend and there is no 'mocha' or chocolate to ruin it... it's more of a peppermint vanilla with hints of white chocolate (I hate chocolate so I don't care for the mocha most peppermint coffee has) and it's almost more of an aroma that fills your senses than just peppermint flavoring added.  It's really quite wonderful and I love to drink it when the weather turns dreary, cold and wet.

(Just as a side note... rambling over coffee and all that).  The Donut Shop Peppermint Bark Coffee is not ANYTHING like just adding peppermint syrup to your coffee.  And most people in America at least, like things sweet.  And are so used to sugar added to their food and beverages that many want their coffee sweet.. and chemically.  Although they are so used to the taste of preservatives and chemicals they don't even realize their food tastes like that unless they start to eat clean, fresh, homemade and preservative free.  After a month of eating clean, try a bite of Cool Whip, frozen Macaroni and Cheese meals, store bought bread, or yes... flavored coffee.  And the taste of chemicals is overpowering!).

So no, this coffee is not sweet.  It's not syrup added to your coffee.
It clears your nose when you breathe deeply the aroma, so it's amazing when you have a bit of a head cold.

Oh I just love it.

And I'm expecting my order delivered today.

My only concern is that I found a great deal on it... but because I've been screwed over by 'mistakes' in the product descriptions for items I've ordered before, I'm wondering this....

Will I get the 24 count boxes I ordered according to the description?

Or will they be the more typical 18 or 12 count boxes that are easier to find?