Fast Rambling over Morning Coffee: The News

This morning I was reading the news and making comments in my head...  I thought perhaps I'd go ahead and comment on some of them on It's Just the Coffee Talking - except I ran out of time.

So now I have no time, but I had started copying the link to 3 of them at random so I'll just go with those for now and see if I get another coffee break later this morning... or not.

This one: Major Southern California fault line eyed after study shows unprecedented movement

If the big one hit California and the entire western half of the state dropped off into the ocean... would it really be such a loss?  Mmmm... I think not.  And this from someone who used to live there, and loved so much about that state.  Loved the weather, the ability to drive one hour in either direction and be at the ocean, in the mountains or in the desert, or the 'big city' depending on which way I went.  But... as much as I love my relatives and friends who still live there (I would hope they all magically were traveling out of state when it happened) I feel like what that state has become in the past 20 years makes it... not a huge loss if it falls into the ocean.  *wink*

Colleges snooping on prospective students' online data

I just shake my head and sigh.  Although there are intelligent, bright, kind, wonderful young people today... for the most part I'm seeing a bunch of idiots.  I can just see potential college students screaming about this one. "Even though I live my entire life on PUBLIC social media platforms and I KNOW that all my personal data, browsing, posts, photos, opinions and more is readily available to anyone who wants to see it...  I don't actually WANT anyone but my friends to see it!  So... like, stop looking!  That's SO UNFAIR that colleges can see who I really am before accepting me!  Like, I think they should only be allowed to look at what bullsh*t I fill my application with and how I lie through my teeth on the essays to make myself look like an angelic, choir-singing, humanitarian do-gooder!  Never mind if it's not TRUE.  I don't want them to look at all the PUBLIC information I post and judge me for it.  That is sooo unfair!"

Controversial Dhvani billboard in Times Square shows Trump hogtied

I for one would love to see Obama in that photo.  I never buy this company's athletic wear anyway and never will... but if they can stoop so low and pathetic to feature the leader of our country in such a way... well, I guess it's free speech right?  But dang, I'd love to see a few OTHER ex-leaders in that hog-tied position instead.  

Out of time.
And obviously you can ignore my rambling... meh.  It's just the coffee talking again.

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