It's official.... I ordered my Christmas Cards on October 6th!???

I like to use a photo of our entire family on our Christmas cards, which as the kids all get older and leave the nest, make new nests of their own and start to fill them; gets harder to to do.  We are working around so many people's work schedules, vacation schedules and other issues that more often than not we manage to get everyone together just once a year now.

But we did so in August for an extended family vacation at the beach.

The photo was taken using the timer on the camera, that was propped up on a stair to a deck and my son running to click the 10 second timer and run fast back through the sand to get into his 'saved' spot in the group.

To get the little kids (ages 4, 3 and 1) to look towards the camera, I propped a laptop computer next to the camera, and was playing a DVD disk of  the cartoon Peppa Pig.  We were telling them to watch Peppa Pig, as my son was racing back to the group before the camera snapped the picture, and as the wind was whipping our hair and dresses all over God's green earth....

But we got a picture by golly!

Yesterday as I was clearing out the daily emails I spied one from a big name stationary printer/photo printer that was trying to get people to order their Christmas cards early by offering a really great deal for the first week of October.

75% off plus free shipping.

I clicked on it just to take a look at the card options and before I knew it, I had chosen, designed, edited and added a photo, and clicked on PURCHASE.

My $145 order was just $33... but the feeling of being done with my Christmas card order by October 6th?  Priceless!

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