Rambling over Coffee: Children are entitled to birth

My heart broke a few months ago when one after another, some states declared a baby's life to be so unimportant that it could be legally killed right up to it's birth.  A fully formed, full term, ready for life baby.  A baby that looks like the mother ready to kill it (or have it killed).  He or she has her eyes or nose, her shape of face.  Has similar shaped hands, or perhaps hands like Grandpa, with Daddy's ears and toes.  The mother has felt the baby move, kick, squirm.  If she's been paying attention, she knows the time of day he or she always gets the hiccups.  The baby likes some peoples voices better than others.  It moves away from loud noises and settles down when Mama talks.  The schedule for sleep and awake time is set and a mother knows the baby's active times.  She or the Daddy can play little 'kick' games with that baby too...  you press gently on the foot and it will press back. 

And oh that little foot!  When the baby stretches, and presses the tiny foot against your stomach you can often see the outline of that little foot!  It's joyous!

And yet, now in many states, that very aware baby... can legally be killed.

Don't fool yourself with calling it different names to make yourself feel better.

If you are pro-abortion, especially after the baby is viable outside the womb, just call it what it is.  Murder.  If you believe in it and support it, then don't try to hide your own emotions behind words that make you feel better.  Own up to it.

So... murder of a tiny little person ok by many in our society.

And yet, yesterday Congress decides it will be a felony to hurt an animal.  Human babies can be hurt... no problem.  But try to hurt a cat and they'll throw you in prison.

Whatever.  Stupidity.

Then this morning in the midst of a much, much longer comment, a tiny little piece of a sentence this person was saying jumped out at me.  The sentence was much longer and went to a different topic but this part... oh, this part says it well. 

Children are entitled to birth.


I've just never thought about it in that perfectly, simple terms before.  It's perfect in its simplicity though.

If two people have came together and their coupling has made a new life, a child... then that child has every right to life that its parents did.  Every right that you and I have.

Once life has been made, that child is entitled to birth.

By the power of life itself, children are entitled to birth.