Rambling over Coffee.... commenting on this mornings news while I sip my Peppermint Bark coffee!

Georgia manhunt on for convicted child rapist mistakenly released from prison


They are saying it's 'unclear' how he was mistakenly let out.  In this day of computers, ID checks, scans, computerized fingerprinting, and body scans, etc. SO many security measures, you would think an 'oops' like this wouldn't happen.  (Munoz-Mendez went to prison in April 2015 after receiving three life sentences for the rape and aggravated child molestation of a girl under the age of 10 in Gwinnett County, Atlanta’s WSB-TV reported, citing court records.)

Kansas man hits bass with his truck in fishy roadkill accident


The photo the man took is awesome.  It made for a good smirk as I sipped my morning coffee.

Grandfather charged in death of toddler who fell on cruise ship in Puerto Rico


This was just a tiny little 'video' update (and I HATE HATE HATE news videos like this.  Play cheesy stupid music in the background and show random images and type one sentence across the street and play it... blah.  Pathetic 'journalism'). BUT I was happy to see a little update anyway.  Although I doubt he will be found guilty, I'm glad they are bringing charges because when I first read this story months ago, I was so pissed that the family wanted to sue the cruise ship.  The grandfather holds a 2 year old up to an OPEN window on a SHIP and put her on the edge... I'm sure he just figured he would let her look out the window.  I'm sure it was an accident.  I don't think he should go to jail for it.  But as an ACCIDENT caused by the grandfather, I sincerely hope they don't win millions of dollars from the cruise ship company for an accident they caused by their own actions.  I hope all parties in involved are found not guilty.

Attorney for Covington Catholic teen reacts to judge reopening lawsuit against WaPo


The judge ruled that an amended complaint submitted by Sandmann's attorneys "alleged in greater detail than the original complaint that Phillips deliberately lied concerning the events at issue, and that Phillips had "an unsavory reputation which, but for the defendant’s negligence or malice, would have alerted defendant to this fact."
McMurtry tweeted that the ruling "bodes well for the NBC and CNN cases, as well."
Glad that this case isn't over yet!!!  The media is no longer JOURNALISM but has become to think they are free to make up news stories however they wish or feed the story to the public however THEY wish and deem it to be.  Facts are no longer checked because they are feeding the need for shock and awe news 24/7.  Media BULLIES people and because they tend to focus on people who are conservative, quiet, Republican and support the current President... they are getting away with it.  When they are found to be making up lies, skewing the truth, spreading propaganda, they simply shrug their shoulders, do a little social media twitter fake 'apology' and move on.  Never owning up to the lives they are ruining and damaging with their lies and yes... fake news.

Florida man dressed as Trump at Halloween fair allegedly punched in face by 14-year-old


The 14-year-old girl walked up to the man, who was standing on line with his family Saturday night for a haunted house at the Collier County Fairgrounds, and punched him in the jaw.  The girl then allegedly laughed and ran back to a group of friends.

My thought when reading this was... I wish he would have hauled off and and punched her back!  But of course then he would have been the one to get arrested.  Stupid little b*tch.  A f-ing FOURTEEN YEAR OLD.  I was happy to see at the end, she was charged with a misdemeanor battery.

California wildfire evacuees sleep in cars when shelter reaches capacity


Forced to sleep in cars?
Would they rather sleep in their fucking houses?  Are they seriously bitching about shelters being full?  It's not ANY governments job to even house you in a shelter to begin with!???   If you are being evacuated and you have a vehicle... you are free to drive as far as you wish.  You are free to go stay at a hotel, go stay with family.  But to be evacuated from your home for your own safety and then to bitch and complain because a shelter is full so you have to "sleep in your car"?  Boo hoo?  If you have a car to sleep in, then be thankful.  And remember; it's not the government's responsibility for your safety.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.  If they are providing some shelters, yeah for them.  That's nice of them.  But it's not their responsibility.  PREPARE YOURSELF FOR EMERGENCIES.  It's well known that you should always have an emergency bag ready to go and food, medicine, water for at least 3 days... at all times.