Rambling over Coffee: Darn it! Another cup of coffee went cold!

It's early morning and I just finished my first cup of coffee.
If I was smart, I'd hurry and brew/sip another instead of posting, because drinking coffee nowadays (and especially drinking it HOT) is a luxury. 
You see, we have little family members staying with us right now due to a relocation across the US to a new city and state for a new job promotion.
While Mom and Dad (and big brother) are in the midst of finishing a house remodel, getting their home on the market and working in the new state (all at the same time, commuting 7.5 hours each weekend back and forth to do so), we are taking care of the two littlest members of their clan.
It's not difficult to take in and care for a 3 year old and 1 year old, but it's certainly a change of pace!
Especially when you've been empty-nesting it for a couple years.

It's become common for me to brew a cup of coffee and get so busy with little ones needing something or other...  and before I know it, an hour has passed by.  I walk by the coffee machine and spy a cup sitting there and stop in my tracks.

"Wait.  Did I brew a.......?"
And as I walk over to the counter and slowly peer over the edge of the cup, only to see a disgustingly cold, lonely cup of coffee with a nice little ring around the top edge from the wasted coffee oils...
My heart breaks just a tiny bit for those wasted coffee beans.

Poor little guys, they keep giving their lives for me but the toddler and the baby keep me so preoccupied and off my coffee game that the number of cups of coffee that have gone down the drain is pathetically high.  Such a high number that I don't think I want to even admit to myself.

Once in a great while I manage to make an iced coffee out of it and save it... but not often anymore, as I'm not craving iced coffee at all, and besides, it's Fall.  When I want hot, strong, black coffee.  Freshly brewed.

(And no self respecting coffee drinker likes microwave warmed up coffee... so don't even go there.)

... it's just the coffee talking again.

First I drink the coffee
Then I do the things.

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