Rambling over Coffee: I jinxed myself this morning! (Re; the peppermint bark coffee)

I should have knocked on wood... 

I left to run errands this morning, which included hitting up the 'good' Walmart in a small town near me.  (Verses the 'bad' Walmart which is closer but I only go there if I have no other options... which is averaging about once every 4 years). 

And probably because I jinxed myself this morning...  not only was I not able to find any Peppermint Coffee there yet;  they also, for the first time at least 6 years CHANGED OUT THE SHELF WHERE IT ALWAYS IS.  That little secret end cap that is always filled with fun and different and seasonal coffee that is tucked away by the dairy department doors?  First time I ever remember seeing it changing... literally within 2 hours of me posting that I was so excited I knew I could find my coffee there.

They were switching it over to pasta and sauces.

I'm not amused.

And... I'm off to use the same darn Amazon links to buy MY coffee that I posted for everyone else this morning.  Because apparently MY Walmarts aren't carrying it.