Rambling Over Coffee: My phone was blowing up with fraud alerts from someone using my debit card at WorldRemit in Denver

We have extended family members staying with us right now, and I planned a fun morning out at the park with two of them.  So off I went, with preschooler and baby.... and enjoying the park immensely.  As lunch time (and subsequently, naptime) rolled around, the 15 month old got cranky so we decided to call it a day and walk to the car.  On the way to the parking lot, we stopped by a little creek to look at the fishes.  The 3 year old kept saying he couldn't see them, so in order to help him out, I went closer to the water so my shadow would spook them and they would swim away and the little man could see the 'fishes'.

That's when a few things happened all at the same time.  I had the baby in my arm, I slid on the bank of the creek, my foot completely immersed itself into mud up to my ankle.  My ankle!  Luckily that stopped me from sliding any further, so the baby and I were fine, but as I was pulling my hiking boot out of the mud, my phone in my pocket went off with a text alert.  As I stood on the grass checking out just how badly encompassed in mud my foot was, and glanced around at the park to see if there was a water spout anywhere I could rinse at least some of it off before I climbed into my car, my phone went off again.

And within seconds, again.

I told the 3 year old to hold on a second, shifted the baby to my other hip and pulled out my phone.

Text alerts from my bank telling me my card was declined due to insufficient funds... from some 'online money transfer' company out of Denver, Colorado called World Remit.

When they couldn't get $500+ from my account they tried $200+.  They couldn't get that either, so they just kept trying other amounts.

ONE THING I AM THANKFUL FOR:  This is not my regular nor 'main' checking account.  This is a 'secondary' checking account that I use once in a while but keep very little money in.  I use it for random purchases once in a while, but mostly it just sits there.  I used almost all the funds in this account while paying for our daughter's wedding and I've never bothered to deposit more money into it lately.

THE SECOND THING I AM THANKFUL FOR:    Until about 3 weeks ago, I had our savings account connected to this account as a 'backup' for overdraft protection.  It was set up that way years ago, when we really did use this account as our main account.  About 3 weeks ago I just had a bad feeling about it, and decided to see if I could 'disconnect' them online and not have to do it on the phone or in person like they used to make you do.  Yay!  They had added this option online since I had last looked into it.  So, I disconnected the two accounts.  NO LONGER would our savings account be used to cover insufficient funds...  THANKYOUGOD because if I had not done this just a few weeks ago, the debit would have gone through because it would have defaulted to our SAVINGS ACCOUNT.  They would  have wiped out BOTH our checking and savings accounts.