Rambling over Coffee: Part 3 of when someone was using my debit card in Denver, and how it was a brand new card I had only used at 2 companies (And when I logged into Emergency Essentials and had someone elses' information)

This is part 3... but is actually a stand alone coffee topic.

You see, I was at the park with the little ones when my phone was blowing up with alerts from my bank that my debit card was being declined due to insufficient funds at World Remit in Denver, CO (which is a money transfer company, apparently).  You can read all of that in the last two posts.

Yes, I got a hold of my bank, they shut down the card and are issuing me a new one.  But... guess what?  This was a new card.  I had only used for 3 purchases, two of which were the same online company.  Ironically the same company I had used it at previously right before my LAST debit card was hacked and used, and why I had to get a new card in the first place.  And the company that I just happened to order from both times right before my information was stolen, is the same company I recalled that I had log in issues with last year.

So that is why this is a 3rd and different stand-alone post to the original story about World Remit letting someone use my debit card information to try to steal over $700+.


The Rest of the Story....

This is a NEW CARD.

Well, pretty new.

You see, I was on vacation in August and woke up one morning to email alerts that someone used my card for a purchase in the US (a trial purchase to see if it would work) and then attempted a major purchase overseas.

So we had to shut down that card and I was issued a new one.

THAT WAS IN AUGUST.  A brand new card.  New number. 

And now, just 2 months later it happened again.

But I've only used my card THREE (3) times since I had the new card issued and it was only at 2 companies.

I had two purchases through Emergency Essentials and one through a toy company.

That's it.
Two online purchases with this card.  
No point-of-sale purchases and no use at all other than those 2 companies.

I've never used this card at any other time.

So somewhere along the line in the last 2 months since I was issued a new card, either through Emergency Essentials or the toy company, someone got a copy of my information.

But guess what?

Before the last fraud took place in August I also had only used my card a couple times... and it was online and it was at... wait for it.... Emergency Essentials.



Also interesting because last year while shopping on their site, I logged in with all my information but ended up logged in as someone else.

Did you get that?

I logged in with my information but I was completely in someone else's account.

Someone named Karen S_____.

Yes, I saw ALL her information.

I logged out, logged back in again and STILL GOT LOGGED IN AS THIS "KAREN" PERSON.

I had all her information...  which means there was a pretty good chance that someone could be logged in as me and seeing my account information. 

At the time, I took a screenshot.  Just now, on a whim, I checked if I still had it... I do.

So I know for a fact their online security was pretty crappy at the time... it was over a year ago so I hoped and assumed that after I'm sure hundreds (*at least) of people let them know they were getting other guests accounts when they logged in, that they would have fixed their security and data protections.

I have no idea if the two are connected, but if anyone else orders from them and has their debit card information stolen soon after... TWICE.... then perhaps it's a thing?

Perhaps it's not.

But again, I had a brand new card, a brand new card number and had used it for purchases at only two companies, and this was one of them.  And it happened twice... in August and October.

Meh, it's just the coffee talking again.


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