Rambling over Coffee - Part two of when someone was using my debit card at World Remit in Denver - and how I couldn't get anyone at my bank to pick up the darn phone

And now... for those who want to read more about what came next:
The rest of the story....
Well, the next part anyway.

I hurried the little ones back to the car and got them strapped in, gave them sippee cups and tried to call my bank.  Do they have a special fraud line?  Nope!!!!  WTF?  I had to call the same customer service number as anyone, for any little reason.  And the automated system does NOT HAVE A 'fraud' option to get to someone quick, so I had to wait through stupid options and try to get a banker.  That was not one of the options during the first automated system so I tried "0" (we don't recognize that option) and I tried saying FRAUD PROTECTION into the phone but they didn't 'recognize' that option either.

Stupidly enough there was an option for "damaged card" - so a damaged card is more important than a lost or stolen card (no options for) or for "responding to a fraud alert sent by us" (no options).

I finally gave up in frustrations when I finally pushed enough buttons they were going to "put you through to a banker"... but I was put on hold and they were 'thanking me for my patience'.

I hung up.

I quickly was trying to drive home.

I got home and called them again, at the same time logging into my account online.

Again, I could not get through to a real person on their system without jumping through a billion hoops and even though I was by this point venting frustrations to the automated system (like WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU HAVE A FUCKING OPTION FOR A FUCKING FRAUD ALERT LINE!???) they again put me on hold... told me they appreciated my patience and someone would get to me in approximately 10 minutes.

Luckily, while I was waiting on hold with them on my home phone, their fraud prevention department was calling on my cell phone.   Only an hour AFTER the first declines were coming through, but at least they FINALLY got around to calling me.

The computer wanted to verify all these attempted uses in Denver, Colorado by the money transfer company World Remit.

When I chose "no" "no" and "no" they finally transferred me to a REAL PERSON.
So guess what?  Apparently someone in Denver had a counterfeit card made of my card.
So my bank immediately shut down my card and is sending me out a new one.

Yay, and all that.  BUT here is a little side note of interest I think.  This was a brand new card.
Well, pretty new.
Only 2 months old and because it's a secondary account we don't use much (and thus, had little funds available in it, thankyougod!) I had only used it at TWO places in the past 2 months.  Both were online.  Both were actual, well known companies.  But twice.  So how did anyone get my card info when the new card had only been used twice?

Yeah, that calls for another cup of coffee.


And now... my coffee is getting cold.  
Don't mind my rambling, you know it's just the coffee talking again.

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