Rambling over Coffee: Real Estate Agents are not Calling Back! WTF?

My husband I bought our first home about 20 years ago.  We were being relocated with his company and had a relocation package that included meeting with the real estate agent chosen for the relocation and home buying process.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th homes all were as well.

Our last relocation didn't include a realtor at first... they switched our relocation package a few weeks into the deal and we had already did some homework on finding a local agent so they asked us to give them two of the names and the relocation person contacted them.

Now, we are interested in buying a second home and I'll be darned if I can't get a friggin buyer's agent to return our call!


The first one I contacted I went ahead and explained how we'd like to buy a second home, a little bit about ourselves and our target budget and a couple priorities.  I also let him know we already had spoken with our mortgage broker so we had some financial and pre-approval in place but we would be willing to work with a lender in the new area if it would make the process easier since it's so far away and travel might be a hindrance.

He never returned any email or call.

I did a few more hours of research and this time chose a female, near another area we were considering.  This time I contacted her through her site and her own 'contact me' form.  I did not go into details like I did with the first attempt at finding a realtor.  Instead, I was friendly and introduced myself and told her a little bit about us; where we lived and how we were looking to buy a second home in her area to start to put some roots down in anticipation of relocating there full time within the next couple years.

She never returned our contact either.

IS THIS NORMAL???  Granted, the first 5 homes we bought were all through company relocations, so maybe that is why we've never known a realtor to NOT return our inquiries.  We don't know anyone in the cities or states we are looking to move to, so we don't have recommendations and are going off of hours of research online to their bio's, backgrounds, years in the industry, accreditation and obviously - reviews.  HOW can these realtors have such wonderful reviews when we can't even get them to call us back?

So frustrated.

I'm thinking perhaps this is God's way of telling us... "Be patient.  Not yet.  It's not time to buy a home yet."