Rambling Over Coffee: Well, that's just irritating....

It's coffee break time right now... for about 20 minutes.  Here I am.

And I'm finding a few little things quite irritating right now.

Example:  My mailbox (the real one... not my email box) has been starting to fill up with catalogs.  It's all fine and dandy but the irritating ones right now are the Sam's Club and Costco versions. Why? Because they WON'T LIST THE PRICES.

Seriously.  They've done this for a couple years (?) now but it irritates me all over again every darn time.  I actually just roll my eyes at this point and rip up their stupid mailings and put them through the shredded while thinking; "You are wasting so much money mailing these out!  No one can tell what your prices are so why are you bothering?"

Their ads feature photos... and $4 off!  $2 off!  $8 off when you buy 2! $300 off a set!"

OK.  But...  if I don't know how much the item is to begin with, how do I know if it's a good deal?  How do I know if it's even worth my time?

I don't care that something is $1.50 off.
I want to know how much it is.