Rambling over Coffee: You offer shit health insurance options but are excited to offer me pet insurance and legal insurance?

It's afternoon and I'm taking a coffee break while I go  through two days worth of mail that I hadn't gotten time to look at yet.

It's 'that time of year'... time for the re-enrollment push for all the various insurance(s) offered by companies to their employees.

And boy am I ranting and raving in my own head!!!!!  Ok, I ranted and raved to my husband a bit the other night as well, but he's lucky he isn't home right now to hear the newest bitch session going on in my brain.

So... health insurance.

Prior to that fuck-wad Obama, we had ok health insurance.  Not great, but it was good for us and it worked.  It was 80/20 with a $10 office co-pay, the premiums out of our checks were painful but not too painful and the annual deductibles and out of pocket weren't too bad.  We also had decent options for "employee"  "employee plus spouse or partner" "employee plus children" or "employee plus family".

Then Obama-the-fuck-wad screwed it up.

There have been more than a few different topics that go into this slot but I'm going to attempt to keep my rant focused on ONE thing today.

Our insurance post-ObamaCare got progressively worse.

Right now it's the same as it was last year but it makes my blood boil.

Our coverage in the last few years went to 50/50 or 60/40 options.  The office co-pay went to $40 for a general practitioner and $60 for any specialty doctor.  Our deductible is a choice between the $4000 or the $6500 single person ($12,000 family) and the option for an employee with a spouse is... NOT EVEN AVAILABLE.

For a couple with ZERO CHILDREN you pay the same as someone with a partner and 17 children.  Got 1 child?  19 children?  3 children?  SAME FUCKING PRICE.

I hope someone fucking sues the company because there is no common sense behind the fact that someone with a spouse and ZERO children should have to pay the same rate as someone with 7 kids.

BUT WAIT... it gets better.

So not only do we have shitty 60/40 coverage that we can't even use because we'll never pay off the $6000 deductible to get there...

I'm inundated with mailings from the company excited to let me know of all these NEW OPTIONS they are offering us this year!  LIKE LEGAL INSURANCE, AUTO INSURANCE, HOME INSURANCE AND... fucking PET insurance.

If you guys can cut a deal with insurance companies to offer shit plans like legal insurance and pet insurance, someone needs to get their balls in gear to start some serious discussions with these fucking insurance companies to OFFER DECENT COVERAGE!!!


Give us back our decent coverage and stop fucking us over every single damn month by charging me a thousand dollars in premiums for coverage I don't even USE.


...................  yeah, I'm going to chug my no-longer-hot-coffee now.  Ignore my ranting and raving, it's just the coffee talking again.


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