USPS (US Postal Service) ALL OUT LIES ABOUT ATTEMPTED DELIVERIES... and there is nothing we can really do about it

Yesterday was Sunday and I was expecting an Amazon delivery.
I don't have Prime, I didn't want nor request a Sunday delivery, as I am one of those old-fashioned (although young) weirdos who believes people don't need Sunday deliveries and we can just wait until Monday.

I had a small box order from Amazon coming and was surprised to see alerts telling me it would be delivered on Sunday. 

I was surprised, because I am still not used to delivery services on Sunday and since this order was a small, regular, no rush order, I was just happy it was being delivered, and looked forward to it. 

So I waited.
And waited.

And waited.

I was home all day and a good portion of it, was in the home office, which has a window that overlooks the street out front of our home, as well as the driveway.

No delivery.

I also have two house dogs who will bark when they hear a delivery truck outside, and... no delivery.

I also have security cameras on our driveway and our front door.

No delivery.

My husband had to work yesterday so I texted him at 4:51 and told him I was expecting an Amazon delivery today but no one had showed up yet, so just in case they left it in the mailbox instead, could he check the mailbox when he arrived home?

No delivery.

So as you can see... there was NO DELIVERY MADE.  NOR ANY ATTEMPT AT DELIVERY.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and found this alert app on my phone, telling me USPS attempted a delivery but was unable to access my front door.

And although I don't care about Sunday deliveries, I DO care about liars.
I hate liars.

If you were tired and just wanted to go home because it was 5:45 pm on a Sunday, then have the balls to SAY IT BUT DON'T LIE and report that you attempted delivery and couldn't access the front door.

Because the only way you can't access our front door is if you drive by our home without stopping or don't even come to our home at all.

But the more frustrating thing?



They are so big, that one customer complaint is lost among the throngs and they don't even make it easy to let anyone know the delivery people are liars.

I clicked on the updates and saw their lies about the non-existent attempted delivery and it just pissed me off that delivery drivers get away with this.

My update says the attempted to deliver at 5:45.  (LIAR)
And that the package arrived at my local USPS this morning at 4:53 am and they will be making another attempt to deliver today.

What this shows is that the bigger city USPS (the lazy liars) do the weekend delivery attempts (?) and lie about it so apparently this morning the update shows that it was delivered to my smaller local city USPS and my regular carrier will be attempting to deliver.

I actually have a USPS account online and because of this, I figured it would be easier to find a way to contact them and submit a complaint than the "call your USPS carrier at this 888 number that a billion people use"... and it was.
Not that I want them to contact me or actually DO anything.
I don't CARE about Sunday deliveries.
And it was a small order that was no rush.
But I DO CARE if they hire employees who all out LIE.

Because again... I hate liars.

So I did email them the complaint.  Nothing will be done, and I'm sure no one cares and no one is going to take responsibility for their lazy Sunday delivery drivers.

..... you can ignore this rant, it's just the morning coffee talking again.........