Elizabeth Banks suggests her 'Charlie's Angels' box office bomb is because men 'don't go see' female-led action films??? UM.... NO.

Elizabeth Banks suggests her 'Charlie's Angels' box office bomb is because men 'don't go see' female-led action films

If it bombed and it's only because 'men' don't want to go see it... then it still wouldn't have bombed because women would have wanted to see it.

But they didn't.

No one wants to see it.

And for the record... The actual REAL "Charlies Angels" was a huge hit because people wanted to see it.  The first movie of Charlie's Angels was hit because people WANTED to see it.   People just didn't want to see this one.

Perhaps because the actresses staring it are sucky and no one is interested.
Perhaps because people are sick of Charlie's Angels being remade.

Well, it doesn't matter.  But the fact that Elizabeth Banks is complaining it's because men didn't  want to see it is funny... because men love to watch women.  Doing pretty much anything.  Especially ACTION films.   Think of some of the action films that were HUGE hits - with leading ladies because... people wanted to see it.

People just didn't want to see THIS movie.  So... making up excuses and putting blame on 'men' having issues with female action movies is just pathetic.  And makes you look like a whiner.

Suck it up buttercup.  No one wants to watch you three in a movie. (Especially one of you... who is WELL known for not having any acting ability but has been able to squeak by so far... even if everyone does make fun of her.)

It happens.

Figured out why "My Cup Runneth Over With Love" by Ed Ames was on repeat in my brain this morning

Around 9:30 am I suddenly realized I had been singing "My Cup Runneth Over With Love" over and over and over in my head all morning.  Like, over two hours of this song playing in my brain on repeat and I couldn't shake it.

(This is a song from 1967 - which is before I was born - but not only do I know a billion songs from every genre you can imagine, but this is one I recall from my childhood.  We must have had it on an 8-track tape or a record because I know my brothers and I used to have a contest when it played, as to who could sing with it and hold that long "llllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove" at the end of the chorus at the very end of the song (you know - the really really long one) - without taking a breath.  And yes, my parents actually did have an 8-track tape player when I was a child!  I'm not sure many people used them as long as my parents did, but if it 'ain't broke' don't fix it... or throw it out.  And so it went from the car to the old camper for camping trips, along with one of those old 8-track tape holders and we used it for years until I'm sure the tapes must have worn out and they finally tossed the player around 1983 or so?).


So here is Ed Ames singing My Cup Runneth Over With Love if you need a little brain boost on what song this is...  and then you can understand my confusion as to WHY in the world it was an ear-worm this morning.  There is NO WAY I would have heard this song playing anywhere, for any reason this morning to get it stuck in my head.

So, I sang it to the dogs as I let them out.
I sang it while I was busy going through camping gear and packing the car.
I sang it as I went to brew one last cup of coffee before heading out the door to go camping.

And then it hit me.

This morning I filled my coffee mug half full of water, to add to the Keurig before I brewed a cup of coffee.  This way I always keep the water reservoir full as I'm constantly adding water before I brew.
  • So I'm preoccupied thinking of a hundred things.
  • I brew my coffee.
  • I look over from my computer to get the coffee and it's.... to the top of the cup.  
  • It almost ran over.
  • HOW did it get so full?
  • I pondered a moment.  Did I accidentally hit the 12 ounce brew size?  No.
  • Did I... oh!!!
  • Then it hit me.
  • I didn't pour the water into the reservoir!  I had set my mug, half full of water, into the slot and brewed the coffee at 6 oz. like I usually do... and it had blended with the water already in the cup.
  • And luckily I hadn't filled it with any more water than I did because it was ready to....  wait for it.... run over.

Run over.
Runneth over.

Apparently my brain made that connection subconsciously and before I knew it, it channeled the old Ed Ames song and started to play it over and over again on repeat in my head.

Once I figured it where the ear-worm was coming from though, I soon realized it wasn't playing in my head anymore.

It's just the coffee talking again.


"THE OFFICE" "DUNDER MIFFLIN" and Christmas gift ideas for my son (and Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory too, btw)

Most mornings, when I open this browser window to post, I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to talk about over coffee.  Oh, I write some awesome and meaningful posts... in my brain... while I'm in the shower or while doing dishes.  But when I finally get time to sit and type, I am never as eloquent or as fired up about the topic, or sometimes, I've lost all the 'groove' I had going at the time.  Most of the time, I'm just too lazy or after I've ranted or hashed something out in my brain, I'm "done" with that topic and just don't really care about it anymore.  

Which is why most of my entries are 'rambling over coffee' because that's what I do.  I just sip my hot coffee, and type out random chit-chat that comes to mind as if you all are sitting around a kitchen table with me.

So... what's in my head this morning?


Most of you know I live in a proverbial cave when it comes to television shows.  I've not watched TV in 20 years.  Literally. One day, after I had had enough of what was being spewed out by the networks and deemed entertainment, I stopped watching.  That was in September of 1998 or 1999.  Assuming it was 1999, that was 20 years ago.

However, during the past 20 years, people who know me well, have convinced me to track down and watch a couple TV series they were adamant I needed to see.

The list is short, but one of them is my childhood and lifelong best friend, who convinced me to go to the library and check out the DVD's for The Gilmore Girls. She said every time she watched it, it reminded her of me and my oldest daughter.  I dragged my feet, she pushed, and I finally schlepped off to the library and borrowed the first DVD of the series... and I was hooked.  She knew me well.  Yes, I'm not sure that it's a good thing, but even I could see myself and my daughter in Lorelei and Rory.  So I did watch that series... I discovered it 2 years after the last episode had aired, but my best friend was right. Became a huge fan of the series.

After that, I again was happy in my cave until a few years ago when I was online watching clips on YouTube and there was a short interview with Mayim Bialik, whom I had only known as Blossom up to that point. They showed a clip from the tv show she was on called "The Big Bang Theory".  The clip from the show looked funny and was my kind of humor, so I decided to check it out.  Not only did I absolutely love it, but I told my son about it and he grew to love it just as much.  I was 5 seasons 'behind' the rest of the universe in my discovery of the show, but I got there as fast as I could and it was one of the few shows I watched.

During a conversation with my son last Spring he realized I had no idea what he was talking about when he made jokes from, or sent me meme's from The Office.  He insisted I needed to track it down and watch it.  So, I finally relented and watched the first, pilot episode.  And?  I thought it was stupid.  I absolutely hated the character Michael Scott and I couldn't stand Dwight Schrute's character either.  I did not laugh once during the entire episode.  Didn't even crack a smile.  It was that stupid and... not funny.  So I told him.  And he admitted that the first couple episodes were a little rough but it got better.  He SWORE it got better and to give it a chance because he knew I'd love it if I did.  So I promised him I would watch the first 3 episodes.  Episode two I still didn't like, nor find funny but then suddenly something happened.  By the end of the 3rd episode I promised I'd watch, I was actually willing to watch the 4th, because I thought it was getting better.  The actors were finding a niche with their characters and I was chuckling at some of the lines.

My son was right.  Never mind I discovered it years after it had ended... but I binge watched it all and became a huge fan (well, until the last season, which I actually absolutely hated because I couldn't stand the storylines that had Nelly and Robert California in them...) but whatever.  Of the series, I'm a fan.  As a matter of fact, my favorite character and the one I most relate to in life and personality is one I hated at the get-go... Dwight Schrute! 


The holidays are upon us!  Thanksgiving is just over a week away and that opens the door to Christmas... and I'm currently trying to brainstorm Christmas ideas for my family members.  This morning as I scrambled for gift ideas for my son, I realized, he still loves quoting and meme's from The Office and I bet he would smirk and chuckle if he opened up a Christmas gift from us that was a t-shirt advertising Schrute Beet Farms.

Understated and simple, those who have never heard of the series would think it was an advertisement for an actual bed and breakfast that doubles as a beet farm.  Those that know the series would get a smile from it.  (Schrute Farms Beets Bed and Breakfast Long Sleeve Shirt)

When I started to look for The Office gift ideas online this morning, that is when I decided to open up my Coffee Talking browser and start chit-chatting about The Office and gift ideas for Christmas, as well as linking some of the items I was looking at.

So here is a similar theme but in a women's sweatshirt instead:  Women's Schrute Farms Beets Funny Shirt Letters Graphic Casual Cute Tees Long Sleeve Tops Pullovers

And would Coffee Talking be remiss if it didn't have a Dunder Mifflin coffee mug to feature!?  Yes.  Yes, it would.    Dunder Mifflin, The Office Coffee Mug

But ultimately, I have to say, I love this style best.  Again, it looks like a simple company t-shirt advertising the company.   It's only those who know Dunder Mifflin is not an actual paper company would get the humor.  And that is exactly the kind of humor I like.  And my son likes.  So in the end, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting a t-shirt similar to this for him.

Dunder Mifflin Office T-Shirt & Sticker

I found these links on Amazon obviously, but they have a million links to Dunder Mifflin and The Office gifts and products!  Even the DVD series and downloads.  Any of the links above will take you there to start your search.

   The Office: The Complete Series


New to Me: Obria Health Clinics - an alternative to Planned Parenthood

Sandwiched in the middle of a longer article that had absolutely nothing to do with healthcare, clinics, Planned Parenthood, abortions or anything remotely close to those topics... was a tiny little mention of 'Obria' - in context to something else the author was mentioning.

I hadn't heard of Obria so of course I had to quickly open another browser to see what it was - as I do with numerous places, words, things I want to look up while reading something else. 

It ends up that Obria is a medical clinic that is starting to pop up around the country as an alternative to Planned Parenthood.  They offer STD testing, pregnancy tests, etc.

Because it's new to me, I figured it must be new to at least a few others out there in blogger land so I would give a mention on Coffee Talking for those looking up alternatives to Planned Parenthood. The site also has health information topics you can search such as; birth control side effects, cervical cancer screenings, the morning after pill, post abortion care and more. 



Obria Medical Clinics are fully-licensed community care clinics providing professional medical consultations, well woman care, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STD testing and treatment, pre-abortion screenings, abortion education, abortion pill reversal, prenatal care, health education and referrals. We provide the support and answers you need in regards to your sexual health. Your health and well-being are important to everyone at Obria Medical Clinics.

We know that you may be facing a life changing choice and our staff is here to help walk you through your options. Our board certified OB/GYN physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and support staff are highly trained and dedicated to meeting your health care needs. We are here to offer you a safe place to ask questions and get answers.

We are devoted to taking care of you holistically and are dedicated to the highest standard of medical care in a comforting, supportive atmosphere. 

Rambling Over Coffee: The SUN came out and I'm a much happier person!

This morning is still bright and early, but I have peppermint bark coffee in hand and the sun is out!  The SUN is out!
And that means I'm a much, much more amiable person!

I spent the first day home from a whirlwind cross country trip, basically just recovering mentally.  Physically as well, as I had been battling a nasty cold even before I had to travel, and it hit me a little harder upon the day I was returning home. Probably because I was pushing myself instead of getting any rest at all. So, I wanted a day of doing nothing, and just taking time for myself and to breathe.  Not jump into anything new.  I did that Sunday.  That was awesome... but then the next day (when I WAS ready to take on the world) the world pulled it's secret weapon on me.

Gray, gloomy, rainy, cold, sleet, ice and blah.

The past two days I've been worthless.  The temperatures dropped down to digits not normally seen where I live.  The dogs leashes were encased in ice.  The sun did not shine. The gray, mushroom soup clouds didn't allow the beautiful sun to filter through.

While, I grew more cantankerous with every passing hour.

But today?  The sun is out!  Whatever else today brings, I can handle with a much, much better and more positive attitude (and better language, as the f-word tends to be used more on cold, wet, gray, dreary days!).  But not this morning.  Even my lingering cold can't keep me down... I have to brace myself each time I need to cough, but when the sun is bright and beautiful, even running noses and hacking coughs can't get me down.

It's just the coffee talking again... but at least I'm a little more positive this morning than I've been in the past couple days!  


Chimpanzees are attacking people in Uganda, part of a disturbing trend going on in the country


Chimpanzees are attacking people in Uganda, part of a disturbing trend going on in the country that has led to crop loss and even death.

National Geographic reports that the problem has been going on for several years, citing an incident in 2014 that saw a chimp fatally attack a 2-year-old child, stealing the baby from his mother.

“A chimpanzee came in the garden as I was digging,” Ntegeka Semata said in an interview with the publication. She noted that her four young children were with her and as she turned her back to get water, the chimp took her child by the hand and ran off. The child screamed, which caused the other villagers to pay attention and chase after him, but it was too late. “It broke off the arm, hurt him on the head, and opened the stomach and removed the kidneys,” Semata continued, adding that the child died on the way to the local hospital.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is aware of the issue. On its website, it notes that chimps can "be aggressive and unfriendly, particularly towards unrelated individuals."

Chimps are humans' closest living relatives, sharing "at least 94 [percent] of its DNA," according to the UWA.

Sociable, communicative and intelligent, these mammals are able to use tools such as rocks to smash open nuts, empty pods to scoop water and get termites out of their nests by using sticks. But with their habitat being threatened by a growing population, chimps are getting closer to human settlements.

Listed as endangered according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are believed to be less than 300,000 chimps across the African continent.

It is illegal in Uganda to kill chimps, but occasionally permission is granted if a male chimp goes rogue.

Murder 'comes naturally' to chimpanzees
Jane Goodall: I thought chimps were like us only nicer, but we inherited our dark evil side from them


What a fucking bitch.  Ellie Goulding is now trying to blackmail the Salvation Army to change their organization to support her lifestyle beliefs or she is going to refuse to perform at the Cowboys-Bills game?

I hope that her ass is sued for breaking contract.  How dare she try to force her personal beliefs on an organization?  What a f-ing bitch.  Do your job... perform.  No one cares what or who you support on your own time.

Singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding is threatening to cancel her halftime appearance of the Cowboys-Bills game on Thanksgiving Day over her newfound concerns about the Salvation Army.

The halftime show annually kicks off the charitable organization’s Red Kettle Campaign, and this year’s performance is scheduled to air nationally on CBS.

The Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day game often ranks as the NFL’s most-viewed regular-season game.

An Instagram post made by Goulding on Tuesday morning, showing her helping at a Salvation Army center in New York, prompted critics of the Salvation Army to respond. While the post has almost 67,000 likes six hours later, some questioned Goulding’s support of the Salvation Army, which they accused of trans and homophobia.

Goulding, announced as the performer last Thursday, then made a demand of the Salvation Army.

“Upon researching this, I have reached out to The Salvation Army and said that I would have no choice but to pull out unless they very quickly make a solid, committed pledge or donation to the LGBTQ community,” she wrote on social media, via the Dallas Morning News. “I am a committed philanthropist as you probably know, and my heart has always been in helping the homeless, but supporting an anti-LGBTQ charity is clearly not something I would ever intentionally do. Thank you for drawing my attention to this.”

The Cowboys have hosted the Red Kettle Kickoff show since 1997, with the campaign raising more than $2.4 billion, according to the team’s media guide. The funds support Christmas toys for children in need as well as social service programs throughout the year.

So sick of people reusing service to police offiers... what if the tables were turned?

Source:  https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/cook-out-manager-fired-cop

A fast-food restaurant in North Carolina reportedly fired two employees after a police officer was refused service last week, but one of the women who was terminated says there’s much more to the story.

Taren Woods, the on-duty manager at the Cook Out in Roxboro, said she was in the back of the restaurant when Sgt. Kenneth Horton of the Roxboro Police stopped by after midnight on Nov. 7, in uniform. Woods admits she didn’t see the interaction between the cashier and Horton — who was refused service by the cashier — but claims that all employees adhered to the company policy.

According to Woods, who spoke with WNCN, the cashier did refuse to take Sgt. Horton’s order, but excused herself and asked a fellow employee to step in at the register — which Woods says is company policy.

The Cook Out manager said the officer then requested to know why the first cashier wouldn’t help him, before leaving the restaurant.

Taren Woods, a 10-year employee of Cook Out and the on-duty manager, claims she was fired after a cashier refused service to a police officer, even though the woman followed company policy by asking another cashier to take his order.

“I didn’t know … it was that serious until the next day I heard the cashier got fired because she didn’t take the cop’s order,” Woods told WNCN, adding that she only learned that she, too, was fired upon arriving at work the following day.

Cook Out, which was founded in Greensboro, N.C., operates approximately 250 locations in 10 states.


So, there's a couple thoughts here...

FIRST:  This restaurant, Cook Out has a policy that LETS their cashiers pick and choose whom they want to take orders from!?  Seriously?  

So... even though this cashier didn't want to help a cop - does this policy stand when a black customer doesn't want to help a white customer?  What about if you have a disabled customer?  A Mexican customer?  You can't just fucking pick and choose WHO you wait on when you are a fast food cashier.  But Cook Out supposedly has a policy in place that allows their cashiers to do this!?


But second... one of the comments below got it right regarding all these assholes that are refusing to service police officers.

Should we reciprocate and let the police officers have that same option?

What if you were calling for help, had been in a car accident, had been shot, was having a heart attack, had been raped or robbed or car jacked, or your tiny little 3 month old baby was choking on something... and you call 911 for help.  And the police officers arrive, take one look at you and decide they didn't want to help you because of whatever reason....  (as the cashiers at Cook Out are allowed to do);   

"Yeah, uh, I'm not comfortable helping you, so I'm just going to step on over here and put a call out to some of my fellow officers and see if any of them feel like helping you today....."

Rambling Over Coffee: Flying Squirrels Don't Like Macaroni

We have a storage closet off our garage that wasn't storing much of anything until I started to use it for our emergency storage prep stuff.  I've talked about that a few times on Coffee Talking - but if you are new around these parts, it's some basics to be self sufficient in the event of an emergency as it's not the governments job to take care of you - and everyone has personal responsibility.  The government suggests that everyone has at least 3 days worth of food, water, medicine and anything else you might need after some sort of an emergency (take your pick - depending on the region of the country you live in and what natural disasters, economic downturns, etc. might happen where you live).

So anyway!  Getting to the point - most of our items are secure in metal but there are a few things that I rotate out often that are kept in a plastic bin.  The bin was currently holding a 25 lb. bag of flour, some SPAM, packages of elbow macaroni and some cans of chicken.

I check the storage room at least once or twice a week by opening the door, glancing in, and making sure everything is undisturbed.  Normally it is.  If I'm walking through the garage for any reason, I just open the door, do a quick once over and continue on my way.

I've been out of town for a few days but yesterday morning, about 12 hours after I arrived home, I went down into the garage to put something into my car and did my normal 'open door check'.  Welp, I was a bit surprised to see everything was not as I left it.  I saw little black pellets on the floor which told me we had had a visitor.

I had checked the storage closet about 2 days before I left town and it was fine.  But the night before I left town my husband had found a flying squirrel in our attic space.  We caught him in a live trap and since neither of us wanted to do the deed, we agreed that my husband would walk down to the woods across the street from our home and let him go there.  We did.  End of story.

But maybe not. 

I'm not sure.
Because then I was gone for a couple days.
And yesterday morning, I found the evidence of a little visitor.  And the poo is fresh enough and large enough it COULD be from the visitor BEFORE we found him and captured him and relocated him.  But then again... I don't know.
Perhaps he had a buddy?
Perhaps he found his way back?

Either way, this morning I found he had chewed his way through the plastic lid of the large plastic bin, and then scrambled around inside the bin to see what he might find tasty.  Apparently, he could smell the bag of flour from outside the bin because that's exactly what he went for.

What I found interesting is that I had about 5 small bags of elbow macaroni in there that would have been easy to get into, filling and easy to carry pieces to a nest or someplace.  Yet, what I found was that in addition to ripping into the bag of flour, he/she chose to eat the cardboard surrounding a 3 pack of Spam I had bought from Sam's Club.

The macaroni and it's packaging was completely and utterly untouched even though the cardboard was eaten and the flour was ripped and most of that paper was also eaten and gone. 

Apparently cardboard and thick brown paper held more instinctive nutritional value than the macaroni.


Rambling over Coffee: No, it's not a Christmas wreath made of used condoms...

I was scrolling through a few websites when I saw this... and my first thought was how tacky and low-class to make a Christmas wreath out of used condoms. 
And then I thought about how many used condoms it took... and noted that the person posting it was taking orders to make them.

And then... looked closer.  Ohhhhhh!  No, those are NOT condoms.  It's ribbon.  But yeah, seriously thought it was a holiday wreath made from used condoms.

Eh, don't mind me.  It's just the coffee talking again....


Rambling Over Coffee: Bringing back Catholicism and Catholic Culture

Interested in what's happening in Rome?  The Pope? The oddly and weirdly changing Catholic faith as being revamped in a strange way by Pope Francis? Interested in bringing back Catholic culture? 

Some interesting reading and listening:


Really love listening to Steve (onepeterfive.com).  If I listen/watch his podcast on my laptop, I can sip coffee and watch him on a full browser window, that makes it kind of fun to pretend he and I are chatting Catholicism and Church politics over coffee together.  Of course my comments are one sided, usually in my head as I listen to his podcast, but I love the way he talks.  As if we are just sitting around talking together over some of the latest and greatest going on right now in the Church.

Rambling Over Coffee: I will not be camping afterall

I'm on my 4th cup of strong, hot, black, Sumatra coffee this morning....

I've just returned home last night from another whirlwind trip cross country.  I only took a backpack and packed light as it was to be a really short trip; Arriving Friday night, leaving again Saturday morning.  However, always the planner... I decided to pack as if it were for 2 or 3 days instead.  Just in case.  Good thing I did, as things didn't go exactly as planned and I ended up staying another day/night.  And after another 9 hour, 5 state drive yesterday, I arrived home last night just in time to see my husband for a couple hours before he had to fly out this morning for a business trip this week.

I had intended on doing some primitive camping this week, as I knew today was to be warm and sunny... I stupidly thought that might mean the next few days would as well.  Checking the weather forecast a couple minutes ago I see that we go from 60's today, down to 31 degrees tonight....  in anticipation of not only temps falling to the low 20's but... snow.

I'm not a fan of snow.
I was born and raised in it.  Grew up in it. Frigid temperatures that rival the temperatures of Siberia.  Sometimes we were colder than Siberia.  Currently I live in a region a bit warmer than that.  On purpose.  And although I love camping and hiking, I do not love doing so in snow.  I hate everything to do with snow... leftover from a lifetime of living in it.

So... no, I will not be camping after all.

And because those plans changed, I now find myself with some days to fill...  or should I say some days to procrastinate doing the jobs around here that need to be done, that I don't want to do?

So many things I need to do around here, but camping would have been a great way to ignore them.

Just like I'm typing this post and sipping coffee to procrastinate paying bills.  Which is what I was doing when I decided that after balancing accounts and doing the budgeting, I would take a short coffee break and come here to type out whatever came to mind.

It ends up, it was a lot of nothing.

Meh, don't mind me.  It's just the coffee talking again anyway.

If you enjoy visiting Just the Coffee Talking, please consider using this affiliate link if you are planning to shop for anything (seriously, anything!) at Amazon. Amazon by Coffee Talking


Liberal Minnesota college students can't name a single recent Democrat accomplishment

Students attending a Bernie Sanders-Ilhan Omar rally fail to name a single thing Democrats have accomplished in the last three years.


You can watch the video here.

Sick of Political News... Here are 3 news stories NOT about politics! They ARE about parasitic worms and hepatitis, but hey, not political!

Man has 12-centimeter parasitic worm removed from brain after years of numbness, blackouts


“The surgery was risky,” Dr. Gu, Lei’s surgeon, told AsiaWire. “The live tapeworm was moving in his brain, and we had to remove all of it, otherwise the leftover part could grow again. It is not the only case --our hospital has treated four patients this year.”


New Jersey ShopRite 'food handler' tests positive for hepatitis A, customers warned


According to the health department, the employee worked during the virus’ infectious period between the above-mentioned dates, and those who may have eaten the store’s deli products who were not previously vaccinated against hepatitis A should get it as soon as possible.

“To be effective, the hepatitis A vaccine should be received as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after eating food from this deli,” the health department said in a news release. “For most people, this date would be Nov. 13, 2019.”



Nebraska woman gets parasitic eye worm after running through swarm of flies


A parasitic eye worm that typically affects cows infected a woman’s eye after she darted through a swarm of flies while on a trail run in California, according to a recently published case report on the horror movie-like occurrence.


Rambling Over Coffee: You simply have to respect nature and stop being stupid in national parks and forests

I'm finishing my second cup of strong, hot, black coffee... Sumatra.

I've noticed so many news stories about people behaving badly (or stupidly) in our national parks, national forests, etc. 

From so-called-celebrities scratching their names and/or initials into rock, to boy scouts and leaders toppling precariously balanced boulders, to starting fires, cutting down trees, the list goes on.

This morning I see a 20 year old nearly fell into the Grand Canyon while taking a photo.  Sigh.

Near-fall caught on video is a shocking reminder of safety procedures at Grand Canyon

When my daughter and I did our girls road trip last year, hiking and camping across numerous states, we spent a few days in the Grand Canyon area and we saw SO many of these idiots doing careless things, making bad decisions, showing off, or just so self-absorbed in their photos that they almost killed themselves in the process.   I think I've blogged about that before.

We saw a lot of precariously too-close-for-comfort mistakes and bad decisions being made by visitors.

Some were teen boys, believing as most teenagers do, that they are invincible and bad things won't happen to them when they make poor choices.  Others were tourists from China, caught up in the giggles and out-doing each other for photos and not realizing how strong those gusts of wind were and how easily they were almost blown off the ledge.  Some people were just stupid.  Plain and simple.

But we saw them... 

So it's really no surprise to me when I see news stories regarding people behaving badly in the Grand Canyon... or anywhere really. 

You just have to respect nature.

We, as a society have lost respect.... for... well, everything.  Everyone.  People, places and things.

Hmmm, well, never mind.  It's just a little morning rambling.  It's just the coffee talking again.


   Over The Edge: Death in Grand Canyon, Newly Expanded 10th Anniversary Edition


The news.... Pregnant Florida Woman Kills Home Intruder with AR-15

Pregnant Florida Woman Kills Home Intruder with AR-15

A pregnant woman is being celebrated as a hero for using an AR-15 rifle to save the lives of her husband and 11-year-old daughter after two men broke into the family’s home Wednesday night.

Two masked intruders broke into the Lithia, Florida home close to 9pm on Wednesday. One of the men grabbed the couple’s 11-year-old daughter while both men violently attacked her father, Jeremy King. One of the men pistol-whipped him, and the other kicked him in the head several times, King said.

“As soon as they had got the back door opened, they had a pistol on me and was grabbing my 11-year-old daughter,” King told Bay News 9.

His wife, who is more than eight-months pregnant, peeked out of the back bedroom during the incident, at which point King said one of the intruders shot at her. She then retrieved the AR-15 and shot at the intruder, clipping him, according to King.

“He made it from my back door to roughly 200 feet out in the front ditch before the AR did its thing,” King said.

Authorities found the body of a man in a ditch nearby the house. King meanwhile said he has a fractured eye socket, fractured sinus cavity, a concussion, 20 stitches and three staples in his head.


Rambling Over Coffee: I honestly didn't realize homeschooling was a thing in Great Britain as well

  Once I refused to participate in Facebook, I noticed that as my online friends gravitated more and more to FB and less socializing on any other platforms, nor through phone calls any longer, I lost touch with most of them and couple friends from the across the pond I still have, don't have young children and the topic of schooling verses homeschooling has never come up.

Unlike my friends in the United States, in which the topic started to come up 20 years ago and it's only gotten to be bigger (and better) since then.

The first friend I ever knew to homeschool was a friend whose son went to preschool with my daughter.  We moved away just as the kids were starting kindergarten, which was in part by choice because we wanted to move to a state with a better public school system.  As it was, our friends enrolled their son in a strict Southern Baptist Christian School but found it to be a really bad 'fit' with their child.  Kindergarten went fine but when first grade started, it went downhill from there.  The little boy was a very good little boy, but he was a chatter-box!  And this teacher grew tired of the little chatter-box and decided to make him stand in front of the class and shamed him and berated him in front of everyone.  It was the icing on the cake of a very rough year and at that point, she took him out of school and decided to homeschool.

I had never known anyone to homeschool before, and it seemed so... strange, unorthodox and shocking.  And you know what?  For the 1990's... it was.

By the year 2000 I had another friend who decided to homeschool her two children.  Her mother was shocked and upset and wanted so badly for the kids to stay enrolled in school that she offered to pay the tuition for a private school of their choice... no matter the amount.  But my friend said no.  She had done her due diligence and decided to homeschool.

After that?  It seemed I knew more parents homeschooling than I did with kids enrolled in public or private schools! 

As the school systems in the US got worse in too many ways to count, and nothing positive was coming on the horizon,  it's only grown and grown in popularity and homeschooling is almost the norm now....

But in all this, I had NO IDEA homeschooling was a thing in the UK as well.
As a matter of fact, I didn't know that anyone in the UK homeschooled and honestly, had never thought about it, since the topic had never, not once, come up with friends and I'd never seen anything about homeschooling in Great Britain in the news... until today.

Not the news though.  I stumbled upon an old blog, which led to a list of her friends... and as I clicked through to see if there were any of interest to me, I found myself surrounded with a ton of UK blogs that were all homeschoolers! 

I had no idea!  But apparently it's getting quite popular overseas as well as parents grow frustrated and let down by the schools and the school teachers.

I even found a UK government publication about homeschooling...  so interesting!  I guess the education system is getting pretty lousy all over.... 

The UK's government pdf on home education - http://media.education.gov.uk/assets/files/pdf/e/guidelines%20for%20las%20on%20elective%20home%20educationsecondrevisev2%200.pdf

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Rambling Over Coffee: Missed Opportunities in My Life - Looking Back

I was glancing at some farmhouse kitchen photos online today and as I glanced at a very small, galley like kitchen, I suddenly had a flashback of looking at a rental house in Southern California with a very, very tiny, galley like kitchen....

And that is where this post was born.


My husband and I married young and moved to Southern California where he attended school.  We originally landed in an apartment but about 2 years later we were looking for a home to rent.  For any young people stumbling across this post, remember there was no internet back then.  Finding a place to rent meant combing through the free PennySaver ads that came in the mail every week, and driving around the city for hours, through neighborhoods, looking for rental signs.  That, and asking everyone you know if they know of any homes for rent!

We weren't having good luck finding something in our price range and getting people to actually call us back to see it, or finding one that wasn't 'already rented' by the time we called.  Good rentals were snatched up in hours or even before they listed.  But through a sister of a friend of someone I worked for, we heard of a home that the couple had just had their second (or was it third?) child, had outgrown their home and moved into a new one, and were going to rent their starter home.

I had told this church friend what our budget was, and she thought her sister/husband were renting it a little higher than that, but told me to look anyway.   The house was small, but cute.  I recall it being very dark brown... inside and out.  And the kitchen was... tiny.  Oh so tiny.  About the size of an RV camper counter space and stove/oven space!  And I was a cook!  I did all our cooking and baking as we couldn't even afford McDonalds back then.  We were hard pressed to come up with a dollar. 

I have no idea what the 'wood' streets in Riverside are like now, but back in 1990 they were very highly sought after for young couples and families.  Very safe, kept up and had a great neighborhood camaraderie.  This home was on the wood streets.

But it was out of our budget... and oh so dark brown with zero sunlight inside or out... and that kitchen was just mind boggling.  They must have ate almost every meal 'out' as there wasn't even room to turn around.

We passed it up.

And then some things in life went crazy and we were in a fairly big hurry to find a place... and we ended up finding a rental that was the EXACT SAME PRICE as that house in the 'woods' street neighborhood.

The house that was hell
This house and the landlords were nothing but a nightmare from even before we moved in... until we had to make a midnight move a year later and moved across the country to get away from them and their stalkerish tendencies towards our newborn baby. 

Looking back, I see that one decision... the night we said "no thanks" to the cute little house on the wood streets, "no thanks" to the sister of a church friend, who would have been a wonderful and kind landlord, "no" to a home we probably could have been happy in and rented for 2-3 years until we had saved up enough to put down on a home of our own....  "no" due for the most part because of the monthly rental... which we ended up paying anyway for a house and landlords that were nothing but hell and problems for the next year of our lives.....

We would not have moved from California when we did, had we rented the better home from the honest and great landlords.  SO many things changed when we moved from that house in the middle of the night and drove across the country. 

I do wonder how different our lives would be with that one little change... the difference it would have made in our lives had we said "OK!" that night we went to see the house instead of hesitating and saying "no".

... meh, ignore this.  It's just the coffee talking again.  And me seeing a galley kitchen that reminded me of the rental house we should have said "yes" to all those years ago.


California's Prop 47 leads to rise in shoplifting, thefts, criminal activity across state

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/california-prop-47-shoplifting-theft-crime-statewide

I keep watching California spiral lower... and lower... and wonder, just how low can they go?  I used to live there.  I loved California for so many reasons!  But after we had our first child, the very first thing we knew we had to do was get out of California!  Having a child opened our eyes to what her future would be like and there was no way she was going to attend school in Southern California... and that was just the start of the "NO WAY....."  list.

So I keep my eye on the state.  The state I once loved.  The state where I still have family and friends living.  Oh California...  you have such potential.  But you keep throwing it away and frankly... you've lost your ever-loving mind.

California's Prop 47 leads to rise in shoplifting, thefts, criminal activity across state

"They ain't out here arresting people for (shoplifting) and everyone knows it."

Proposition 47, a referendum passed five years ago that critics say effectively gives shoplifters and addicts the green light to commit crimes as long as the merchandise they steal or the drugs they take are less than $950 in value. The decision to downgrade theft of property valued below the arbitrary figure from felony to misdemeanor, together with selective enforcement that focuses on more “serious” crimes, has resulted in thieves knowing they can brazenly shoplift and merchants knowing the police will not respond to their complaints....

"Of course it sends a message," Seymour said. "They're doing it right here in the open."

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Idiots who forget the whole world doesn't revolve around Facebook

I've mentioned this before... but it's just irritating me again.

When you don't have a Facebook account, you can't see peoples Facebook accounts.
You can see some business or subdivision pages if they are marked public but a lot of times even those administrators don't realize that unless they mark it public in settings, the only people that can see their page (their product, whatever) are those WITH Facebook.

The reason this is important is that on those public pages, especially for your own city or town or subdivision, people are posting thinking EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE HAS FACEBOOK.

My own little town's public page is always filled with lost dogs, found dogs, cars for sales, garage sales, items for sale, people needing work or offering their services for everything from lawn mowing to dog care to advertising for their businesses and more.

And you would be surprised (perhaps not?) to see that 90% of the the time the postings will say "PM ME FOR DETAILS!" 

One of the really irritating things right now is that my little town has a handful of people who look for a dog not on a leash and will call it and convince it to come TO THEIR CAR and then will TAKE IT TO THEIR HOME.  They will put it in their fenced yard, or in their house and then post "WHOSE SWEET BABY IS THIS????"  and sure enough...  "PM me for details"  "PM me if this is your dog".


You just fucking STOLE SOMEONES DOG.  Seriously, there have been a few times the people just wanted their 15 minutes of Facebook fame looking like a savior of a dog only to find out the dog was in the driveway of the HOUSE WHERE IT LIVES and the person got the dog to come to their car and drove away with it...  and it was NOT A STRAY.

One time the person lived in another town about 20 minutes away.  And they took the dog from the front yard of it's own house and took it to their house and kept it and posted "FOUND DOG" - it wasn't found.  That idiot basically kidnapped the dog.  Yeah, it was not on a leash, but it was in its own yard.  And note:  This is a VERY small and VERY rural part of the country.  It's not a big city, not a city at all, and it's very normal for everyone to let their dogs in their own yards.  There aren't strict leash laws like that.  And if someones dog goes for a walk down the cul de sac or road to visit the neighbors, that's pretty COMMON here.

Basically, it's a tiny little community where MOST people know that if a dog comes to visit your home, you don't feed it, you don't kidnap it, steal it or lock it in your back yard...  you just give it a pet, and let it go on its way and it will do it's little run (because it's a DOG and that's what they do) and then it GOES HOME.

But we have a handful of people who want to be self proclaimed saviors and will lock the dog up, not allowing it to go home...

... and then the Facebook post.

Whose sweet baby is this?  I found it on the side of the road, in front of the white house on Smith Street.  It's friendly and came to me when I called it, so I have it in my fenced yard.  PM ME IF IT'S YOUR DOG AND CAN DESCRIBE ITS COLLAR!

That fucking idiot just stole someone's dog from their driveway (the white house it was in front of) and because it's friendly, yes it CAME TO YOU when you CALLED IT (and often the posters keep treats in their cars to tempt the pets...) and then NEGLECT TO LEAVE ANY INFORMATION ON TO GET A HOLD OF THEM.  No phone numbers or ways to contact them other than "PM ME!"  And it's a PUBLIC PAGE so anyone can SEE IT but only those with Facebook accounts can "PM YOU" - you fool.

Ditto on all the idiots putting up tons of kids clothes for sales "PM ME FOR THE PRICE"  and cars for sale "PM ME FOR DETAILS" and even their JOB SERVICES!  "PM ME TO CUT YOUR LAWN".

Not everyone has Facebook accounts and can PM you.  (And for those trying to run a business or company that ONLY HAVE FACEBOOK SITES and not a REAL website?  I roll my eyes at you.  Especially those that can't figure out why their little business isn't getting the visits it should... and they have it MARKED PRIVATE! Yep.  They really do.)

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