Figured out why "My Cup Runneth Over With Love" by Ed Ames was on repeat in my brain this morning

Around 9:30 am I suddenly realized I had been singing "My Cup Runneth Over With Love" over and over and over in my head all morning.  Like, over two hours of this song playing in my brain on repeat and I couldn't shake it.

(This is a song from 1967 - which is before I was born - but not only do I know a billion songs from every genre you can imagine, but this is one I recall from my childhood.  We must have had it on an 8-track tape or a record because I know my brothers and I used to have a contest when it played, as to who could sing with it and hold that long "llllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove" at the end of the chorus at the very end of the song (you know - the really really long one) - without taking a breath.  And yes, my parents actually did have an 8-track tape player when I was a child!  I'm not sure many people used them as long as my parents did, but if it 'ain't broke' don't fix it... or throw it out.  And so it went from the car to the old camper for camping trips, along with one of those old 8-track tape holders and we used it for years until I'm sure the tapes must have worn out and they finally tossed the player around 1983 or so?).


So here is Ed Ames singing My Cup Runneth Over With Love if you need a little brain boost on what song this is...  and then you can understand my confusion as to WHY in the world it was an ear-worm this morning.  There is NO WAY I would have heard this song playing anywhere, for any reason this morning to get it stuck in my head.

So, I sang it to the dogs as I let them out.
I sang it while I was busy going through camping gear and packing the car.
I sang it as I went to brew one last cup of coffee before heading out the door to go camping.

And then it hit me.

This morning I filled my coffee mug half full of water, to add to the Keurig before I brewed a cup of coffee.  This way I always keep the water reservoir full as I'm constantly adding water before I brew.
  • So I'm preoccupied thinking of a hundred things.
  • I brew my coffee.
  • I look over from my computer to get the coffee and it's.... to the top of the cup.  
  • It almost ran over.
  • HOW did it get so full?
  • I pondered a moment.  Did I accidentally hit the 12 ounce brew size?  No.
  • Did I... oh!!!
  • Then it hit me.
  • I didn't pour the water into the reservoir!  I had set my mug, half full of water, into the slot and brewed the coffee at 6 oz. like I usually do... and it had blended with the water already in the cup.
  • And luckily I hadn't filled it with any more water than I did because it was ready to....  wait for it.... run over.

Run over.
Runneth over.

Apparently my brain made that connection subconsciously and before I knew it, it channeled the old Ed Ames song and started to play it over and over again on repeat in my head.

Once I figured it where the ear-worm was coming from though, I soon realized it wasn't playing in my head anymore.

It's just the coffee talking again.