Idiots who forget the whole world doesn't revolve around Facebook

I've mentioned this before... but it's just irritating me again.

When you don't have a Facebook account, you can't see peoples Facebook accounts.
You can see some business or subdivision pages if they are marked public but a lot of times even those administrators don't realize that unless they mark it public in settings, the only people that can see their page (their product, whatever) are those WITH Facebook.

The reason this is important is that on those public pages, especially for your own city or town or subdivision, people are posting thinking EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE HAS FACEBOOK.

My own little town's public page is always filled with lost dogs, found dogs, cars for sales, garage sales, items for sale, people needing work or offering their services for everything from lawn mowing to dog care to advertising for their businesses and more.

And you would be surprised (perhaps not?) to see that 90% of the the time the postings will say "PM ME FOR DETAILS!" 

One of the really irritating things right now is that my little town has a handful of people who look for a dog not on a leash and will call it and convince it to come TO THEIR CAR and then will TAKE IT TO THEIR HOME.  They will put it in their fenced yard, or in their house and then post "WHOSE SWEET BABY IS THIS????"  and sure enough...  "PM me for details"  "PM me if this is your dog".


You just fucking STOLE SOMEONES DOG.  Seriously, there have been a few times the people just wanted their 15 minutes of Facebook fame looking like a savior of a dog only to find out the dog was in the driveway of the HOUSE WHERE IT LIVES and the person got the dog to come to their car and drove away with it...  and it was NOT A STRAY.

One time the person lived in another town about 20 minutes away.  And they took the dog from the front yard of it's own house and took it to their house and kept it and posted "FOUND DOG" - it wasn't found.  That idiot basically kidnapped the dog.  Yeah, it was not on a leash, but it was in its own yard.  And note:  This is a VERY small and VERY rural part of the country.  It's not a big city, not a city at all, and it's very normal for everyone to let their dogs in their own yards.  There aren't strict leash laws like that.  And if someones dog goes for a walk down the cul de sac or road to visit the neighbors, that's pretty COMMON here.

Basically, it's a tiny little community where MOST people know that if a dog comes to visit your home, you don't feed it, you don't kidnap it, steal it or lock it in your back yard...  you just give it a pet, and let it go on its way and it will do it's little run (because it's a DOG and that's what they do) and then it GOES HOME.

But we have a handful of people who want to be self proclaimed saviors and will lock the dog up, not allowing it to go home...

... and then the Facebook post.

Whose sweet baby is this?  I found it on the side of the road, in front of the white house on Smith Street.  It's friendly and came to me when I called it, so I have it in my fenced yard.  PM ME IF IT'S YOUR DOG AND CAN DESCRIBE ITS COLLAR!

That fucking idiot just stole someone's dog from their driveway (the white house it was in front of) and because it's friendly, yes it CAME TO YOU when you CALLED IT (and often the posters keep treats in their cars to tempt the pets...) and then NEGLECT TO LEAVE ANY INFORMATION ON TO GET A HOLD OF THEM.  No phone numbers or ways to contact them other than "PM ME!"  And it's a PUBLIC PAGE so anyone can SEE IT but only those with Facebook accounts can "PM YOU" - you fool.

Ditto on all the idiots putting up tons of kids clothes for sales "PM ME FOR THE PRICE"  and cars for sale "PM ME FOR DETAILS" and even their JOB SERVICES!  "PM ME TO CUT YOUR LAWN".

Not everyone has Facebook accounts and can PM you.  (And for those trying to run a business or company that ONLY HAVE FACEBOOK SITES and not a REAL website?  I roll my eyes at you.  Especially those that can't figure out why their little business isn't getting the visits it should... and they have it MARKED PRIVATE! Yep.  They really do.)

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