New to Me: Obria Health Clinics - an alternative to Planned Parenthood

Sandwiched in the middle of a longer article that had absolutely nothing to do with healthcare, clinics, Planned Parenthood, abortions or anything remotely close to those topics... was a tiny little mention of 'Obria' - in context to something else the author was mentioning.

I hadn't heard of Obria so of course I had to quickly open another browser to see what it was - as I do with numerous places, words, things I want to look up while reading something else. 

It ends up that Obria is a medical clinic that is starting to pop up around the country as an alternative to Planned Parenthood.  They offer STD testing, pregnancy tests, etc.

Because it's new to me, I figured it must be new to at least a few others out there in blogger land so I would give a mention on Coffee Talking for those looking up alternatives to Planned Parenthood. The site also has health information topics you can search such as; birth control side effects, cervical cancer screenings, the morning after pill, post abortion care and more. 



Obria Medical Clinics are fully-licensed community care clinics providing professional medical consultations, well woman care, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STD testing and treatment, pre-abortion screenings, abortion education, abortion pill reversal, prenatal care, health education and referrals. We provide the support and answers you need in regards to your sexual health. Your health and well-being are important to everyone at Obria Medical Clinics.

We know that you may be facing a life changing choice and our staff is here to help walk you through your options. Our board certified OB/GYN physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and support staff are highly trained and dedicated to meeting your health care needs. We are here to offer you a safe place to ask questions and get answers.

We are devoted to taking care of you holistically and are dedicated to the highest standard of medical care in a comforting, supportive atmosphere.