Oh so random: Rambling over coffee

It's about 4:30 pm now and boy am I grumpy.  The sun is not shining... that's a big part of it.  I also had plans in place this morning that got sidetracked with everything else I had to do this morning that wasn't in the plans... that was part of it.  


I brewed some of my favorite peppermint bark coffee and while waiting for the mug to fill, glanced at the container of little individual creamers.  One of them was 'vanilla' and I thought to myself, "Well, vanilla might be good in peppermint bark coffee.  It would be a vanilla peppermint bark, and I love the vanilla peppermint flavor of Ghirardelli peppermint bark and the little Hershey's peppermint kisses... this might be similar!"

And the other side of my brain said "No it won't. You hate creamer in your coffee.  You hate anything in your coffee.  It will change the flavor and you won't like it.  Plus, it will cool it down and it won't be the 192 degrees that comes out freshly brewed that you like so much."

But did I listen to myself?
I added one little vanilla creamer and blech! Blech, blah! Gag!

I was right.
I should have listened to myself.

But I refuse to waste coffee so I am drinking it, but in order to to do so, I had to brew a second k-cup of peppermint bark coffee to add to the first to drown out the yucky creamer.  But... it didn't really work.  But I'm still sipping it.  Because...  frugal.  Not wasteful.



This morning I woke and came out to the kitchen, glancing into the family room, to see a used tissue in the middle of the floor.  My stupid dog got into the office trash last night.  Grrr.  I've been sick with a nasty cold for 3 days and she grabbed out used tissues to pick through and eat and lick... which makes me want to vomit.  Funny, I can handle blood, guts, broken bones.  I can change poopy diapers, not think twice about diarrhea, and can clean up vomit.  But hair in the shower or the thought of a dog eating gross things out of the trash turns my stomach.

So yay, I ended up cleaning up tissues in the family room AND the office.

Then as I picked up the tissue, I saw a dark smear on the carpet from the corner of my eye.
DAMNIT.  That same fucking dog was wiping her butt on the carpet again.
So after I threw out the tissues I had to drag out the carpet cleaner and clean a 12 inch smear of crap and oils from the carpet.
During this time I let the dogs out to go potty and feed them.
One of my dogs is ADHD and an idiot, so if they are both on leashes they criss cross and she runs in circles and around trees, shrubs, the deck... and tangles her leash with her sister's into knots.  She ruins a $20 leash every month.  But she isn't prone for running off so we found if she is ON the leash but it's not ATTACHED to anything, she still THINKS it is.  So she does her business and comes back to the deck door.
But this morning, since I was busy carpeting cleaning her poop smear from my family room carpet, I took 5 minutes longer and so... she ran off.  Into the creek and through the woods.  Came back filthy, muddy and wet.  Again... damnit!  Stupid fucking dog.
I log onto computer and do some work, check emails and then...  my phone alerts me to a couple middle eastern named companies/dudes trying to charge my debit card for crap I didn't authorize.
Debit card hacked.
So I stop those, log into my bank account and see 9 pending transactions by middle eastern assholes.
I deal with that (calling and talking to the fraud department) and then have to go to my local bank branch to fill out paperwork and get a new debit card.  (Because it was quicker than having them email me the forms and waiting for a new card in the mail.)
So I get dressed, throw on some makeup and shoes.  Out the door I go.
Find out from the bank that at least 2 charges went through already, 7 more pending and they can't actually submit fraud claims for the remaining 7 until they hit the account. 
I'm not going to come back again tomorrow and maybe even again the day after that if and when new charges hit the account. 
I told her (and by 'her' I mean the 20 year old working the special customer service desk FOR THIS SORT OF THING) that I didn't think that was correct.  I had called and talked to the main customer service for the banks fraud department before I came and they told me to fill out the forms today.  She even offered to email them to me.
Little desk girl says she'll 'ask her manager'.
Later, she comes back and says "yes" she is filling out the form today.  That they fill out the form and will hold it for a couple days to see how many of the charges hit the account first, then will send it in with the amounts filled in.
So she types it up and hands it to me to look over and sign.
I count her lines... 1, 2, 3.... 8.
She only typed up 8 of the 9.
I point this out to her.
Ooops!  Hee hee...  good thing I had you look it over!
Um, yeah.
So she types it up again.
9 this time.
So I sign.  And now it's a waiting game to wait for them to post to the account.
I leave to come home.

When I walk through our garage I always open the storage room door just to look and make sure everything is as I've left it.  We caught a flying squirrel in our attic this week - and it's pretty normal this time of year for them to come in from the cold and try to find ways into our attic to stay warm this winter.

I was expecting to see... nothing.
But what I saw was this.

Dang it!
BUT luckily, I had just happened to see a trap on our garage shelf last weekend and on a whim I just set it and placed it in the storage room.
I've never used one like this in there before but I did.  AND... I'm glad I did.

So I deal with THAT and then come into the house only to see.. that frickin' dog got into the used tissues again while I was at the bank.

And that my friends... is how I spent this morning, and how I did not actually do any of the things I THOUGHT I would be doing or how I planned my morning tasks.


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