Rambling over Coffee: Do females like gravy more than males?

It's Thanksgiving Day!  The big meal was over a couple hours ago but we have guests on their way over in about 15 minutes for 'round two' so I'm here with fresh coffee and some toothpicks to prop my eyes open.  So, so tired!  My husband is actually snoring on the couch right now with football playing on the TV in front of him.  I'm not a daytime sleeper... I wish I was... but alas, I've not been able to nap since I was a year old.  No matter how miserably sleepy I am.

So here I am, with coffee.

And while the coffee was brewing, I was snitching a few more bites of stuffing, smothered in gravy.

That led me to think about how my husband isn't a huge gravy fan.  He can take it or leave it, and when he does take it, it's just enough for a little tad bit on potatoes or whatnot and he's good.  Not like me, who believes a bowl was made for gravy!

Then I started to think how my son-in-law isn't a gravy guy either.

And then realized my other son-in-law isn't either.

And... now that I think about it, my daughter's boyfriends in high school weren't either.

But all the females I know LOVE gravy.

Seriously, the females I know love sauces, gravies and toppings... the males?  Not so much.

Pork Chops with mushroom sauce?  The females are scraping the pans to get the last of the sauce, the menfolk?  Plain pork chops please.

French Dip sandwiches?  Lots of au jus please!  The guys?  "What?  It's perfectly good just as a sandwich, why do I have to dip it in anything?"

Mashed potatoes more often than not just have butter and they've bypassed the gravy.

BBQ chicken?  Ditto.  Us females are spooning on extra bbq sauce and the guys... don't bat an eye.

Biscuits and gravy?  Yes, please!  And LOTS of gravy!  My husband?  A smidgen of gravy counts as gravy.  Mine are swimming in it.  And if the gravy runs out before the biscuit, I've got to go back for more gravy.

The only sauce I've found the males that surround us to like is ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing with their hot wings and ketchup with their fries.

But gravy?  That seems to be a female thing.