Rambling Over Coffee: Flying Squirrels Don't Like Macaroni

We have a storage closet off our garage that wasn't storing much of anything until I started to use it for our emergency storage prep stuff.  I've talked about that a few times on Coffee Talking - but if you are new around these parts, it's some basics to be self sufficient in the event of an emergency as it's not the governments job to take care of you - and everyone has personal responsibility.  The government suggests that everyone has at least 3 days worth of food, water, medicine and anything else you might need after some sort of an emergency (take your pick - depending on the region of the country you live in and what natural disasters, economic downturns, etc. might happen where you live).

So anyway!  Getting to the point - most of our items are secure in metal but there are a few things that I rotate out often that are kept in a plastic bin.  The bin was currently holding a 25 lb. bag of flour, some SPAM, packages of elbow macaroni and some cans of chicken.

I check the storage room at least once or twice a week by opening the door, glancing in, and making sure everything is undisturbed.  Normally it is.  If I'm walking through the garage for any reason, I just open the door, do a quick once over and continue on my way.

I've been out of town for a few days but yesterday morning, about 12 hours after I arrived home, I went down into the garage to put something into my car and did my normal 'open door check'.  Welp, I was a bit surprised to see everything was not as I left it.  I saw little black pellets on the floor which told me we had had a visitor.

I had checked the storage closet about 2 days before I left town and it was fine.  But the night before I left town my husband had found a flying squirrel in our attic space.  We caught him in a live trap and since neither of us wanted to do the deed, we agreed that my husband would walk down to the woods across the street from our home and let him go there.  We did.  End of story.

But maybe not. 

I'm not sure.
Because then I was gone for a couple days.
And yesterday morning, I found the evidence of a little visitor.  And the poo is fresh enough and large enough it COULD be from the visitor BEFORE we found him and captured him and relocated him.  But then again... I don't know.
Perhaps he had a buddy?
Perhaps he found his way back?

Either way, this morning I found he had chewed his way through the plastic lid of the large plastic bin, and then scrambled around inside the bin to see what he might find tasty.  Apparently, he could smell the bag of flour from outside the bin because that's exactly what he went for.

What I found interesting is that I had about 5 small bags of elbow macaroni in there that would have been easy to get into, filling and easy to carry pieces to a nest or someplace.  Yet, what I found was that in addition to ripping into the bag of flour, he/she chose to eat the cardboard surrounding a 3 pack of Spam I had bought from Sam's Club.

The macaroni and it's packaging was completely and utterly untouched even though the cardboard was eaten and the flour was ripped and most of that paper was also eaten and gone. 

Apparently cardboard and thick brown paper held more instinctive nutritional value than the macaroni.