Rambling Over Coffee: I will not be camping afterall

I'm on my 4th cup of strong, hot, black, Sumatra coffee this morning....

I've just returned home last night from another whirlwind trip cross country.  I only took a backpack and packed light as it was to be a really short trip; Arriving Friday night, leaving again Saturday morning.  However, always the planner... I decided to pack as if it were for 2 or 3 days instead.  Just in case.  Good thing I did, as things didn't go exactly as planned and I ended up staying another day/night.  And after another 9 hour, 5 state drive yesterday, I arrived home last night just in time to see my husband for a couple hours before he had to fly out this morning for a business trip this week.

I had intended on doing some primitive camping this week, as I knew today was to be warm and sunny... I stupidly thought that might mean the next few days would as well.  Checking the weather forecast a couple minutes ago I see that we go from 60's today, down to 31 degrees tonight....  in anticipation of not only temps falling to the low 20's but... snow.

I'm not a fan of snow.
I was born and raised in it.  Grew up in it. Frigid temperatures that rival the temperatures of Siberia.  Sometimes we were colder than Siberia.  Currently I live in a region a bit warmer than that.  On purpose.  And although I love camping and hiking, I do not love doing so in snow.  I hate everything to do with snow... leftover from a lifetime of living in it.

So... no, I will not be camping after all.

And because those plans changed, I now find myself with some days to fill...  or should I say some days to procrastinate doing the jobs around here that need to be done, that I don't want to do?

So many things I need to do around here, but camping would have been a great way to ignore them.

Just like I'm typing this post and sipping coffee to procrastinate paying bills.  Which is what I was doing when I decided that after balancing accounts and doing the budgeting, I would take a short coffee break and come here to type out whatever came to mind.

It ends up, it was a lot of nothing.

Meh, don't mind me.  It's just the coffee talking again anyway.

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