Rambling Over Coffee: Stupid f-ing debit card hackers

I've been sick for a couple days with a cold that was kicking my butt so I haven't gone anywhere, or even done much on computer... which I was planning to do a bunch of Christmas 'looking' and perhaps ordering online yesterday but instead, ended up sleeping and reading and trying to recover.  I haven't used my debit card since November 16th or 17th, yet this morning it sure got active!

9 transactions were trying to hit my account.

They started with 2 3 from Netflix just to see if the card was active... and then they started in with the bigger false charges;

Luckily my bank started to send me some alerts asking me to approve the purchases and I was able to text back NO and they deactivated my card.  But now it's  a waiting game to see how many actually made it through before it was deactivated.

I already got a new card and filled out the fraud paperwork but I won't know until tomorrow or the next day which made through.  Then it takes 7-10 days for them to finish their "investigation' before they decide to return the funds to my bank account.  So I'm out about $450 until they investigate...

Now SOME OF YOU that read Coffee Talking might be saying to yourself, "But wait... didn't she just blog about this a couple weeks ago?"

Ah, yes.  And no.

That was a DIFFERENT hack.


So in August and again in October, our other bank account (different bank even) debit card was hacked.  The interesting thing about that one is that when my debit card was used in Colorado (I was not in Colorado and had my card with me)  I had only had this particular card and card number for barely 2 months and had only used it TWICE myself in those two months.

So hacked and used in North Korea in August.
New card.
Only used 2 times in 2 months (because it's not an account I use much) and then hacked and fake card made and used in Denver, CO in October.
And then this account (different bank/account) hacked in November.

So yay.

Stupid fucking thieves.
Is it especially mean of me to hope they get cancer and die a painful death?
Ok, then can I hope they are crossing a busy highway and get smacked and smooshed by a semi-truck?
Yeah?  Still too mean?
How about...

NOPE.  They are world-class thieves and know what they are doing is wrong and hurting thousands and thousands of people.

I hope they get cancer AND get hit by a truck.

.... meh, it's just the coffee talking again.