Rambling Over Coffee: The SUN came out and I'm a much happier person!

This morning is still bright and early, but I have peppermint bark coffee in hand and the sun is out!  The SUN is out!
And that means I'm a much, much more amiable person!

I spent the first day home from a whirlwind cross country trip, basically just recovering mentally.  Physically as well, as I had been battling a nasty cold even before I had to travel, and it hit me a little harder upon the day I was returning home. Probably because I was pushing myself instead of getting any rest at all. So, I wanted a day of doing nothing, and just taking time for myself and to breathe.  Not jump into anything new.  I did that Sunday.  That was awesome... but then the next day (when I WAS ready to take on the world) the world pulled it's secret weapon on me.

Gray, gloomy, rainy, cold, sleet, ice and blah.

The past two days I've been worthless.  The temperatures dropped down to digits not normally seen where I live.  The dogs leashes were encased in ice.  The sun did not shine. The gray, mushroom soup clouds didn't allow the beautiful sun to filter through.

While, I grew more cantankerous with every passing hour.

But today?  The sun is out!  Whatever else today brings, I can handle with a much, much better and more positive attitude (and better language, as the f-word tends to be used more on cold, wet, gray, dreary days!).  But not this morning.  Even my lingering cold can't keep me down... I have to brace myself each time I need to cough, but when the sun is bright and beautiful, even running noses and hacking coughs can't get me down.

It's just the coffee talking again... but at least I'm a little more positive this morning than I've been in the past couple days!