Rambling Over Coffee: You simply have to respect nature and stop being stupid in national parks and forests

I'm finishing my second cup of strong, hot, black coffee... Sumatra.

I've noticed so many news stories about people behaving badly (or stupidly) in our national parks, national forests, etc. 

From so-called-celebrities scratching their names and/or initials into rock, to boy scouts and leaders toppling precariously balanced boulders, to starting fires, cutting down trees, the list goes on.

This morning I see a 20 year old nearly fell into the Grand Canyon while taking a photo.  Sigh.

Near-fall caught on video is a shocking reminder of safety procedures at Grand Canyon

When my daughter and I did our girls road trip last year, hiking and camping across numerous states, we spent a few days in the Grand Canyon area and we saw SO many of these idiots doing careless things, making bad decisions, showing off, or just so self-absorbed in their photos that they almost killed themselves in the process.   I think I've blogged about that before.

We saw a lot of precariously too-close-for-comfort mistakes and bad decisions being made by visitors.

Some were teen boys, believing as most teenagers do, that they are invincible and bad things won't happen to them when they make poor choices.  Others were tourists from China, caught up in the giggles and out-doing each other for photos and not realizing how strong those gusts of wind were and how easily they were almost blown off the ledge.  Some people were just stupid.  Plain and simple.

But we saw them... 

So it's really no surprise to me when I see news stories regarding people behaving badly in the Grand Canyon... or anywhere really. 

You just have to respect nature.

We, as a society have lost respect.... for... well, everything.  Everyone.  People, places and things.

Hmmm, well, never mind.  It's just a little morning rambling.  It's just the coffee talking again.


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