Rambling over coffee....

Last night I had came to this page and started to vent a little about the latest updates to the debit card hack... (2 more purchases came through unexpectedly last night on my deactivated and shredded card - allowed because last week they were two of the 10 'pending transactions' that the perpetrators ran through the account quickly so even though they fell off the 'pending' list last weekend, and we thought those two were going to go away without actually hitting the account as a purchase... they suddenly did last night without warning.)

And while I was here typing some of that out last night, I got an email alert that my gov FSA ID account was locked due to too many attempts.  This is the ID for FAFSA account you have to make for the government if you apply for college - or your kids apply for college - and you as a parent have to make one.   And dangit, someone was trying to hack into that too.

This morning is Thanksgiving morning and I'm supposed to be in the kitchen making a huge traditional meal... instead I'm sipping coffee, checking my bank account, email accounts and....  calling certain strangers some very, very frustrated and mean names in my head.


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