Sick of Political News... Here are 3 news stories NOT about politics! They ARE about parasitic worms and hepatitis, but hey, not political!

Man has 12-centimeter parasitic worm removed from brain after years of numbness, blackouts


“The surgery was risky,” Dr. Gu, Lei’s surgeon, told AsiaWire. “The live tapeworm was moving in his brain, and we had to remove all of it, otherwise the leftover part could grow again. It is not the only case --our hospital has treated four patients this year.”


New Jersey ShopRite 'food handler' tests positive for hepatitis A, customers warned


According to the health department, the employee worked during the virus’ infectious period between the above-mentioned dates, and those who may have eaten the store’s deli products who were not previously vaccinated against hepatitis A should get it as soon as possible.

“To be effective, the hepatitis A vaccine should be received as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after eating food from this deli,” the health department said in a news release. “For most people, this date would be Nov. 13, 2019.”



Nebraska woman gets parasitic eye worm after running through swarm of flies


A parasitic eye worm that typically affects cows infected a woman’s eye after she darted through a swarm of flies while on a trail run in California, according to a recently published case report on the horror movie-like occurrence.