Something that Apple STILL hasn't fixed with the latest iOS 13.2.3 -

People use their iphones differently and have different priorities for it.  Different things they use often, or love or hate or don't use at all.

The update they released a couple weeks ago managed to piss pretty much everyone off.  And it was so hastily released, with so many bugs and downright idiotic mistakes in it that they've been releasing 'updates' like CRAZY but those updates are pure crap as well.

It seems like their entire focus was on adding all that stupid, fucked up, huge-ass , PHOTO EDITING crap.  *without letting us OPT OUT of it.  (Because I loved the previous easy, simple photo editing. For social media, blogs, printing out pictures and everyday life for anyone not making their living with photographs, we don't NEED that huge, cumbersome, detailed but frustratingly too-many-steps-to-do-easy-editing program on our fricken TELEPHONE).

Ooops.  Where was I?  OH YES.

WHY won't Apple simply slow down and make sure their updates are working BEFORE THEY RELEASE THEM?


But anyway... this little ramble over my morning coffee is that ever since the big fuck-up release a couple weeks ago, I've been waiting and waiting for them to fix the one thing "I" use often and they messed up on.

One of my family members doesn't take photos as much as she does short videos.  And sends me those videos.  And I want to save those videos. So I like to email them to myself.  But ever since Apple did their latest and greatest (cough cough) stupid update, when you have your photo album open and you select a video (as compared to a photo) to email... it completely shuts down the app.

It doesn't freeze up.
It doesn't hesitate.
Boom.  You are back to your homescreen.
You CANNOT email videos from your photo/video albums anymore.

There is a work-around but it's a pain in the butt.
You have to open your mail app, compose a new email, fill it out and 'attach' a file (the video) and then send.
Where previously, as long as your mail app was connected and set up, you could quickly email/send videos as fast as you can photos.

And I keep waiting for an update/fix for this but so far...  nada.