"THE OFFICE" "DUNDER MIFFLIN" and Christmas gift ideas for my son (and Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory too, btw)

Most mornings, when I open this browser window to post, I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to talk about over coffee.  Oh, I write some awesome and meaningful posts... in my brain... while I'm in the shower or while doing dishes.  But when I finally get time to sit and type, I am never as eloquent or as fired up about the topic, or sometimes, I've lost all the 'groove' I had going at the time.  Most of the time, I'm just too lazy or after I've ranted or hashed something out in my brain, I'm "done" with that topic and just don't really care about it anymore.  

Which is why most of my entries are 'rambling over coffee' because that's what I do.  I just sip my hot coffee, and type out random chit-chat that comes to mind as if you all are sitting around a kitchen table with me.

So... what's in my head this morning?


Most of you know I live in a proverbial cave when it comes to television shows.  I've not watched TV in 20 years.  Literally. One day, after I had had enough of what was being spewed out by the networks and deemed entertainment, I stopped watching.  That was in September of 1998 or 1999.  Assuming it was 1999, that was 20 years ago.

However, during the past 20 years, people who know me well, have convinced me to track down and watch a couple TV series they were adamant I needed to see.

The list is short, but one of them is my childhood and lifelong best friend, who convinced me to go to the library and check out the DVD's for The Gilmore Girls. She said every time she watched it, it reminded her of me and my oldest daughter.  I dragged my feet, she pushed, and I finally schlepped off to the library and borrowed the first DVD of the series... and I was hooked.  She knew me well.  Yes, I'm not sure that it's a good thing, but even I could see myself and my daughter in Lorelei and Rory.  So I did watch that series... I discovered it 2 years after the last episode had aired, but my best friend was right. Became a huge fan of the series.

After that, I again was happy in my cave until a few years ago when I was online watching clips on YouTube and there was a short interview with Mayim Bialik, whom I had only known as Blossom up to that point. They showed a clip from the tv show she was on called "The Big Bang Theory".  The clip from the show looked funny and was my kind of humor, so I decided to check it out.  Not only did I absolutely love it, but I told my son about it and he grew to love it just as much.  I was 5 seasons 'behind' the rest of the universe in my discovery of the show, but I got there as fast as I could and it was one of the few shows I watched.

During a conversation with my son last Spring he realized I had no idea what he was talking about when he made jokes from, or sent me meme's from The Office.  He insisted I needed to track it down and watch it.  So, I finally relented and watched the first, pilot episode.  And?  I thought it was stupid.  I absolutely hated the character Michael Scott and I couldn't stand Dwight Schrute's character either.  I did not laugh once during the entire episode.  Didn't even crack a smile.  It was that stupid and... not funny.  So I told him.  And he admitted that the first couple episodes were a little rough but it got better.  He SWORE it got better and to give it a chance because he knew I'd love it if I did.  So I promised him I would watch the first 3 episodes.  Episode two I still didn't like, nor find funny but then suddenly something happened.  By the end of the 3rd episode I promised I'd watch, I was actually willing to watch the 4th, because I thought it was getting better.  The actors were finding a niche with their characters and I was chuckling at some of the lines.

My son was right.  Never mind I discovered it years after it had ended... but I binge watched it all and became a huge fan (well, until the last season, which I actually absolutely hated because I couldn't stand the storylines that had Nelly and Robert California in them...) but whatever.  Of the series, I'm a fan.  As a matter of fact, my favorite character and the one I most relate to in life and personality is one I hated at the get-go... Dwight Schrute! 


The holidays are upon us!  Thanksgiving is just over a week away and that opens the door to Christmas... and I'm currently trying to brainstorm Christmas ideas for my family members.  This morning as I scrambled for gift ideas for my son, I realized, he still loves quoting and meme's from The Office and I bet he would smirk and chuckle if he opened up a Christmas gift from us that was a t-shirt advertising Schrute Beet Farms.

Understated and simple, those who have never heard of the series would think it was an advertisement for an actual bed and breakfast that doubles as a beet farm.  Those that know the series would get a smile from it.  (Schrute Farms Beets Bed and Breakfast Long Sleeve Shirt)

When I started to look for The Office gift ideas online this morning, that is when I decided to open up my Coffee Talking browser and start chit-chatting about The Office and gift ideas for Christmas, as well as linking some of the items I was looking at.

So here is a similar theme but in a women's sweatshirt instead:  Women's Schrute Farms Beets Funny Shirt Letters Graphic Casual Cute Tees Long Sleeve Tops Pullovers

And would Coffee Talking be remiss if it didn't have a Dunder Mifflin coffee mug to feature!?  Yes.  Yes, it would.    Dunder Mifflin, The Office Coffee Mug

But ultimately, I have to say, I love this style best.  Again, it looks like a simple company t-shirt advertising the company.   It's only those who know Dunder Mifflin is not an actual paper company would get the humor.  And that is exactly the kind of humor I like.  And my son likes.  So in the end, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting a t-shirt similar to this for him.

Dunder Mifflin Office T-Shirt & Sticker

I found these links on Amazon obviously, but they have a million links to Dunder Mifflin and The Office gifts and products!  Even the DVD series and downloads.  Any of the links above will take you there to start your search.

   The Office: The Complete Series