FedEx driver’s temper tantrum caught on doorbell camera - WHO CARES? I DON'T BLAME HIM!!!! It was 150 fucking pounds!

If you've read the news tonight you may have seen this one - a woman in Wisconsin saw a Fed Ex driver throw a 'tantrum' and use a bad word through her security doorbell camera and she wants an apology...

FedEx driver’s temper tantrum caught on doorbell camera
‘I don’t understand. People always get this heavy (expletive)’

MAYVILLE, Wis. (WISN/CNN) – A FedEx driver had a complete meltdown while trying to move a large box with a couch in it.

The whole episode was captured on a doorbell camera at the home where the pickup was made.

“I don’t understand. People always get this heavy (expletive),” the driver said.

In the video, the FedEx employee can be seen tipping over a 144-pound package and pushing it through the snow, while he’s talking on his phone.

"Just to let you know, this is a (expletive) pickup,” the driver said.

The video shows the driver, still on his phone, trying to lift the box into his truck.

“It’s (expletive) pathetic every single (expletive) day. I have to deal with Justin doesn’t put it in the right, the right (expletive) area,” the driver said. “I’ll call you later.”

And with that, the package crashes to the ground in the middle of the street.

Homeowner Andrea Wendorf was watching her doorbell video from work as everything unfolded.

“I was actually in shock. I just sat there the entire time like, ‘wow,’” Wendorf said. “I just wanted to hear what else he was going to say.”

The package is big but was within the company’s 150-pound weight limit, according to the FedEx website.

In this case, Wendorf was returning a couch from Wayfair that arrived damaged. It was the second one delivered that way.

"The frame was broken on it both times,” she said. “So, now we're wondering if it was broken because of the way they treat merchandise."

Wendorf says she sent FedEx the video, but never got a response.

Now she just wants an apology.

"I mean, they're getting paid for it. They're getting paid to deliver large items,” Wendorf said. “Wayfair sells a lot of furniture.”

WISN TV reached out to FedEx and got a response.

“The behavior depicted in the videos is unacceptable,” the company said. FedEx also promised to “take the appropriate steps to address this matter."


A 150 lb. COUCH that this poor guy was moving himself.

Dealing with crappy traffic, long hours, heavy boxes...  he struggles with 150 pound box he's having to pick up himself and he's frustrated, uses some bad language, and because he IS struggling with a cumbersome package by himself it falls to the ground in the street and he's got to struggle with again.

I would be sooooo bitching up a storm too!

And her quote:  Wendorf said. “I just wanted to hear what else he was going to say.”

WTF?  Hoping he would use another bad word so you could contact the local news with your story and get your 15 minutes of fame? 


Yeah, FedEx should put two people out on runs to cover the heavy items but deal with FedEx privately and don't go running to the local news because your delivery person used bad language and was pissed he was struggle with a huge couch... SOLO.