I feel as though I need to issue a public apology to my credit card!

I've just returned from a 'quick' trip to the membership grocery warehouse where my list was semi-simple as it wasn't a regular trip.  They have Sumatra coffee on sale right now, so really, that's what drove me.

Coffee, paper towels, Kleenex, Truly's, Steaks and thin crust pizza.

But then I realized we would probably be hosting Christmas Eve Dinner at our home (which I hadn't even thought about yet) and we do seafood on Christmas Eve.  And I wouldn't be (hopefully) be heading to another store now before Christmas (if I can help it!). 

So I picked up the coffee, paper towels, steaks and pizza...  but then had to add the crab and crab cakes.  And my son-in-law loves shrimp cocktail, so what the heck, I'll surprise him with that too.  And hmmm.... I should pick up some fresh spinach, avocados, bacon and mozzarella cheese.  Hmmm, I think we are out of cream too. 

And as I walked by the men's long sleeve shirts I realized I could pick up a quick green plaid shirt for my husband to wear to work on Christmas Eve day to be 'festive'.  And... well, look at the price of those pants!  If I pick up a pair of blue and khaki for my son-in-law I will be completely done with every single person on my Christmas list for the year.

So much for going in for just a few items!  And I never did buy the Truly's or the Kleenex!  I couldn't justify the cost... bah ha ha ha.

And then came the time to pay for it.


And thus has gone this whole month.

My poor credit card is being used and abused this month like never before!  I'm so sorry little credit card, I'm sure you don't know what hit you!

If you are a regular reader, you know my debit card was hacked in November.  Once bitten, twice shy and all... I've been loathe to use it for the past month since I got the new replacement.  I've used it very little and mostly just to pay our online bills.  I also didn't want to use it much while we were in the process of having to try to get reimbursed for the stolen funds.

So... I broke out the old credit card.   Almost EVERYTHING has been going on the credit card, from groceries to gas.  But it's the holiday season of course, so every Christmas gift went on credit card.  My card has never known such abuse!

I will be letting it rest now that I'm finished Christmas shopping and as of yesterday I believe our bank account is bank in 'order' and knock on wood, safe now.  It will soon be back to normal and my credit card will be tucked away again.

But... for the past 4 weeks it's been used and abused and I just feel the need to apologize to the poor little thing.  

Sorry little card!  I'll let you rest now.