More Rambling Over Coffee: That crazy postal service... what have they BECOME in the last decade? Crazy. That's what.

Yesterday I had 2 errands to run.  What should have taken maybe 3 1/2 or 4 hours took...  7.  It was frustrating and parts of it was stressful.  We were also having bad weather so that didn't help the driving situation through the mountains.  Today I have 2 more errands to run (after I get ready).  One of those is to the... post office!  I know, right!?  Having to go to a post office armed with packages to send, on December 11th!?  Yeah, I know it's probably not going to be a pretty sight and the already bitchy and asshole-like three employees are going to be even worse I'm sure (one of the employees is just awesome, but two other full time and one lady from the back office are HORRIBLE PEOPLE) so I always hope I get the nice lady. 

But a simple trip to the post office is more involved because this morning I'm trying to figure out how to package and mail my items.  This involves the right sized boxes, debating about using their flat rate boxes or one of my own, looking up the pricing (their price-gouging is stomach turning), debating the hassle of bringing my items in the car, going in to get their boxes, packing up my items, labeling them, etc. and then going BACK in to send them (I'm not ordering boxes - that would take even longer!)  Also the insurance thing... how much is included, if I need more...


Do you see how involved it is?  What kind of a world do we live in that sending a simple box through our postal service involves so much research? 


Just for 'fun' I hit print preview to see just how many pages it would be if I were to print it out...



Anyway... I have decided I will probably drive 'out of my way' to go to a smaller post office in a smaller town near me as it should have shorter lines, and nicer people.  The mean ones work at the 'city' I live in, but the smaller towns have kinder souls.