No 19-30 year old women is going to find a 70 year old man sexy. They can lie, they can pretend, they can flirt and fake it... but no, your 60 and 70 year old crepe-like skin and saggy balls are not a turn on to her.

This week in the news there is yet another story of an older man being taken advantage of and stole from by a young women he believed was in love with him.


This time she tried to cash a check for a million dollars... it didn't work so she tried to cash 3 checks for $333,333 each and managed to cash two of them before she was arrested.

The idiot man was a 77 year old and she was his new 26 year old wife.

At this point pretty much EVERY WOMAN that is reading this is shaking her head, sighing and thinking about stupid and easily manipulated men are.  Seriously.  This has been going on since the beginning of time but do the men ever learn?  Nope.

Guys... if you are 50+ - especially if you are 60 or 70 and yes... sadly even 80 or 90 (they literally NEVER learn, not even with age) and a 19, 22, 24 year little chippy is suddenly in love with you... especially if she is from another country and you live in Canada or the USA....

She is not in love with you.
Yes, I know she said she was.
Yes, I know she said she loves your body.
Yes, I know she kisses you and hangs on you.
Yes, I know she seems to enjoy it when you touch her.
Yes, I know that with the help of little blue pills, she is even willing to have sex with you and if you have any money at all or LOOK like you are well to do or have money, she will even pretend to enjoy it.

She isn't.

She is lying.

I'm sorry if that hurts your ego.
I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings.
Guys are even going to get defensive and angry when people tell them this.

But guys, seriously... us women know women.

She is using you.

No 19-30 year old women is going to find a 70 year old man sexy.  They can lie, they can pretend, they can flirt and fake it... but no, your 60 and 70 year old crepe-like skin and saggy balls are not a turn on to her.  I'm sorry.  They aren't. ... even though this desperate little chica is going to tell you they are. 

If she wants to come to Canada or the USA she will be ALL OVER YOU to do so.  If you look like you have money, a nice car or a nice house, she will say and do what she has to, to get it.  You can be old, fat, ugly, have 7 teeth left in your head and stink... but she'll pretend you are the greatest, most sexy thing she's seen.  To get that green card or that bank account.  Then... she's going to be gone.

There are news stories, message forums, reddit forums, blogs, websites, all over telling you this.  There are women who see it in person and will tell you this.  Family members, friends, even strangers you talk to in the grocery store and the topic comes up will tell you this.  Your coworkers will tell you this.  And even if you don't want to listen to them, your adult children or an ex-wife can also alert you to the fact you are being taken advantage of. 

Please, please protect yourself and your bank account.

(I've already written about women being taken advantage of as well...  this one is for the guys.  I've seen 4 guys in 'real life' fall for this in varying degrees from simple ghosting after and loss of only about $400, to a fake marriage that took place (he thinks it's real and it's love.  It's not.)....  not to mention the thousands and thousands of warnings online you can find and read about.

(The female co-worker I saw this first hand with a friend through work [co-worker] - who was falling for the online dating scheme where they are some guy in Nigeria pretending to be an American contractor working or soon leaving to work out of the country).  She fell for it, even with me gently talking common sense and then later, all out warning her...  but luckily when some of the red flags started to come through later she saw them and didn't send him money.  She did however fall long enough to get gifts of fruit, chocolate and flowers sent to her, she talked to him on the phone, made plans for him to visit that always fell through for one reason or another, and let her kids all speak with him on the phone... as well as the letters, emails and photos of course.  Thankfully I kept telling her he WOULD ask for money and gave her some scenarios and sure enough, when he did do just that, she knew... and she broke it off.  Until then she truly believed he was a good looking American contractor named "Nick" with one 12-year old daughter, who was working in South America for a big name American company.)   When I had his name and photo I was able to find numerous listings online of 'him' with different names, same photo, a couple different dating sites.  I saved her from losing thousands of dollars... but only because we were face-to-face talking and she listened to me.)